Opera – Ludwig Is Alive letras

Che il suo nome risuoni per sempre come lampi nel cielo Che la sua musica ci accompagni per l’eternità E così gloria sarà per il divino compositore Ludwig is alive Welcome to opera Ludwig is alive Welcome to opera Welcome to opera Ludwig is alive Welcome to opera Ludwig is alive Read More

Ramallah – Sleep letras

As we plunge down A dead end path of humanity So they suffer These are the days In which blood is cheap And it’s the price of continued sleep Don’t trust, Don’t believe Those up top will gladly Forfeit you and me It’s right in front of you It’s right in front of me How […] Read More

The Mentors – Free Fix letras

Ooohhh yeah baby, you’re in luck, Free fix for a fuck You can start to suck and I’ll fix you for a fuck It ain’t like you’re turning tricks, It’s just a fuck for a fix Now come on baby, shoot shit in your vein I know you ain’t got a brain, That’s why I […] Read More

Róże Europy – Kolor letras

Dla kogo jest dziś miłość Nie wiadomo Przede wszystkim dla ciebie Może i mi przyda się nie brzmi złowrogo Spaceruję wyboistą stroną często nie z tobą Porywcze słowa kosztują nas zbyt drogo Jest ich zdecydowanie za dużo Wszędzie i obok A przecież miłość ma jeden kolor I chociaż Są dni w tygodniu nie tego nam […] Read More

Amanda Palmer – I Google You letras

I Google you late at night when I don’t know what to do I find photos you’ve forgotten you were in put up by your friends I Google you when the day is done and everything is through I read your journal that you kept that month in France I’ve watched you dance And I’m […] Read More

Vince Vaccaro – Costa Rica letras

Well I’ve grown tired of singing songs That I don’t believe in anymore And I’ve grown tired of feelin’ old Like I’m lookin’ for summer but I find the cold Yeah. Well my seasons roll by high and low I don’t hold the reigns I ain´t got control And I wish my dice had a […] Read More

Jesse Ruben – Predictable letras

These are the thoughts that I wrote In the book that I took from your drawer. The syllables are strained and hard to explain But I promise my intentions are pure And its raining outside which is fine cause I remember We’d huddle just to keep each other warm And I know it wasn’t me […] Read More

Trey Songz – Monster Triggamix letras

Monster motherfucka you know I’ve been one of them niggas so shady cause you know i been sunning them. (repeats) Irrational methods I will trashing you in seconds Wait until your spirit rises Then ask for your blessing I’m insane I’m deranged boncker blanka Nigger you should know That I’m a mother fucker monster I’m […] Read More

Lemon Demon – Marketland letras

Market Town. What a doozy walking ’round With all these putrid people everywhere. “You’ve gotta buy this!” Screams a whiskey stinking vermin vendor Holding up a rotten pear. But I hold on to my dollar, Looking all around me. In this place, I hide my face, But dirty people hound me. Market Street. I could […] Read More

Christian Castro – Cupido letras

Uno tiene poco tiempo para amar la primera vez que se ama es imposible de olvidar. Lleno toda soledad con tu recuerdo y no te siento no te siento es muy dificil respirar. Por que en el fondo de mi pecho hay dolor. Es imposible olvidar un gran amor que entre tu y yo ya […] Read More

Reincidentes – Gracias Por Venir letras

Gracias por venir por luchar aquí… Dicen que el triste pasado hay que olvidar enterrar el odio y, cerrar la herida dicen que un prisma distinto hay que utilizar y que reine la unidad ¡qué preciosidad! Dicen que la guerra sólo es una calamidad que apenas se pudo pensar, que fue entre hermanos. Pero yo […] Read More

Monica – I Keep It To Myself letras

Verse1: I looked at you a thousand times This time when i looked at you, there was something new how could i be so blind? we shared our secrets in the dark and though we were only friends i don’t know when these feelings changed within my heart Chorus: Baby ohh, i keep it to […] Read More

Vesania – Path 8. The Mystory letras

In a pale glare of candles I saw heavens wept with blood Given into eternity oblivion The battlefield of the holy war ‘Who brought the light? Who turned the glare of our eyes into tears?’ With one piece of melting glass I cried And this one fell into limbo Ages long falling Traversing the far-away […] Read More

Céline Dion – Plus Haut Que Moi letras

(Eddy Marnay/Ken Cummings/Mark Blatte) J’étais seule sur une île Sans étoiles, sans violon Et je flottais dans cette ville Dans l’ennui des jours toujours trop long Dans ce désert où les hivers venaient nous prendre Des passants passaient sans jamais nous entendre Et c’est là quand on se croit le plus désepéré Qu’à travers la […] Read More