Mars Ill – Talkback Lyrics

[Verse 1] Now slide back, why don’t we try that/ Locomotion up the gut, no cut, no sidetrack/ No trust fund to lose, no reputation to buy back/ No hesitation, pause, involved when I rap/ Handle my B.I. where the B.S. is knee-high/ Soldiers try to sneak by, begging for a cease fire/ We gotta decide, we live, we die/ We spending free time […] Read More

Fly Project – Raisa Lyrics

Nana nanananana! Nanananana ! Nanananana ! Nanananana ! Nanananana Nanananana Nanananana Inca o data soarele tinde Inca o data ploaia te stinge Ea nu ma minte ,arata ce simte Vorbeste cuvinte intelese de ea! Inca o data soarele tinde Inca o data ploaia te stinge Ea nu ma minte ,arata ce simte Vorbeste cuvinte intelese […] Read More

Dougie Maclean – Singing Land Lyrics

Your burning skies are never-ending Across your red brush plains Out where the dingo still is king and eternity remains There between the old and ancient there’s an oasis bright Your gentle children who have gone are close to me tonight Chorus: In your singing land, in your singing land Shine on, oh shine on […] Read More

Fly Project – Inlove Again Lyrics

I just wanna light up your life Until you want to surrender You just put my dreams in a little house Until my dream will break. [x2] [Refren x2:] You’ll be my love and love will be in love again I’m gonna find my love tonight and you will be the same. I just wanna […] Read More

Slowthai – Nhs Lyrics

Same old shit, just another day I was in my head, feeling dead, feeling microwaved I was on the strip with the kids playing Simon Says Tyron jumped the bridge, would you do the same? Same old shit, just another day I was in my head, feeling dead, feeling microwaved I was on the strip […] Read More

Ceg – First Class Lyrics

Te-te-te tehlikeliyim, pa-panik ol Bi’ anakonda ya da piton (tıss) Adrenalin’e fanatik oldum Jack the Ripper adam ikon (ikon) Bana kral de ya da bi lord Kanımda kanka cannabinol Lara Croft, manita gold digger Anna Nicole, yaktım bi’ cannabis Dediler: 10 yıla kadar hapis Hassiktir polisler yapıştı yakama Bu gece bu gece kafa matiz "Al […] Read More

Fly Project – Tu A Mea Lyrics

Na, Na, Na… Ai plecat, am sa fiu langa tine in umbra ta Daca ma vei chema iti voi arata… O aroma de vis fara lacrimi in paradis Saruta-ma usor, de ochii tai mi-e dor… Inca o seara fara tine Am visat sa fii a mea… Tu nu erai iar langa mine Nu mai dormi […] Read More

Deliverance – Supplication Lyrics

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal But mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself Against the knowledge of God And bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ Read More

Eddie Vedder – Matter Of Time Lyrics

As we arise with the sun in our eyes Catch a break from the dark Still times when nothing’s alright As we bandage up all our parts Well I’m a builder of bridges And I could fly us up to the moon When you’re time is limited, nothing happens too soon Navigate, come find a […] Read More

Morgan Wallen – Somebody’s Problem Lyrics

[Verse 1] A ‘Bama red 400 pulled up to the party With a 30-A sticker on the back windshield Two-tone tank top slippin’ off her shoulder Kinda girl once she steps out, the world stands still Ooh, I know where this is goin’ I already know it [Chorus] She’s somebody’s problem, somebody’s goodbye Somebody’s last […] Read More

Convey – Nutrition Lyrics

[Verse 1] Billboard model, facing traffic Is telling you to smile You welcome the diversion Engine running out the miles Stewing in your c-class She’s feeding you your breakfast She’s giving you hope But you know you’re alone So [Chorus] Swallow what you’re given Conditioned They use you for a living Conditioned [Verse 2] The […] Read More

Raconteurs – Hold Up Lyrics

Hold up Hold up Hold up Hold up Hold up Hold up Hold up Hold up Had enough of these, modern times About to drive me out of my mind And you know this, too well I’m hold up in my little cell Yeah Hold up Hold up Hold up Hold up Whoa! Friends took […] Read More

Natanael Cano – 10 Segundos Lyrics

[Letra de “10 Segundos”] [Verso 1] Quemándome un gallo veo mi vida en diez segundos Lo bueno y lo malo se mira claro entre el humo Estoy avanzando con mi gente y esto no se va a acabar Cuando toca, toca, risueño prendiendo un churro Y aquí no hay descanso, siempre ando tumbando duros Para que respeten y sepan […] Read More

Vanjess – Come Over Lyrics

[Chorus] I hit you on your line I wanna come over, I wanna come over No need to waste my time I wanna come over, I wanna come over, baby When can we kick it, tonight? Can we freak it, tonight? When can we kick it, tonight? Can we do all the things we like? […] Read More

Car Seat Headrest – Hymn Lyrics

I feel it in my heart This time it’s come to stay Crushed by his thumbs Vanished in his whorl The ropes I held turned to sand If I give this up will I be saved? Will my life be spared? What will take its place? What will take its place? What will take its place? Read More

Tom Macdonald – I’m Corny Lyrics

[Verse 1] Okay, I’m corny, all my songs are super boring I’m like Macklemore on crack if he smoked until he was forty I’m a racist, I’m a sexist, I tried too hard to be cool I’m a clickbait rapper, I paid for all of my views I got white-white-white privilege leakin’ out my eyes […] Read More

Perry Como – The Christmas Song Lyrics

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire Jack Frost nipping at your nose Yuletide carols being sung by a choir And folks dressed up like Eskimos Everybody knows A turkey and some mistletoe will help to make the season bright Tiny tots with their eyes all a-glow will find it hard to sleep tonight They know […] Read More

Steve Vai – Mighty Messengers Lyrics

We get a feeling, arise emotion Never knowing where it comes from Born in silence comes the voices Of our conscience Guardian angels, Mighty Messengers Time is just a state of mind for Mighty Messengers Mind is just a waste of time for Mighty Messengers You can hear them tell you “Nothing real can be […] Read More