ZillaKami – Lemon Juice Lyrics

[Intro] (Yung Germ) [Verse 1] Niggas talkin’ ’bout the kid, why don’t you get your life together? (Okay) Talking to them pigs, snitches always hang together (Okay) And it gets me pissed, hoes up in your Christmas sweater (Yeah) Shot him in his shit, bitch, I shot him in his chest, chitty-chitty bang My disagreements […] Read More

SR – Snap It (Remix) Lyrics

[Intro] DT5 on the beat Senseii [Chorus: SR] Two in the dots, hold it steady (Man down, man down) Snap it, stuff it, slap it Big man, hold that corn for brekky (And again) Knife work’s been on fleek How many yutes been chinged up already? (Woo) Gyal get beat and dash I got my […] Read More

Dutchavelli – Hold on Lyrics

[Intro] Yo Ratchet so you move and get Ratchet Yeah, It’s Niko on this beat [Chorus] Posted on the corner, like a low-life I don’t know which way to go I feel like [?] with these problems I’m in the corner and this drippin’ slow I don’t write down bars for these beats I bill […] Read More

Jon Bellion – I FEEL IT Lyrics

[Chorus: Jon Bellion] I feel it You ain’t got to say one word to me, one word Because I feel it, I feel it I f-f-f-f-feel it [Verse 1: Jon Bellion] I feel it in your energy When did my close friend just become an enemy? Oh-oh, oh-oh I feel it I feel the heavy […] Read More


[Intro: Nessly] D-D-Daytrip took it to ten (Hey) [Chorus: Lil Nas X] Y’all take a rumor then ya’ll go and wear it out Fuck all that talkin’ ’bout who’s and the whereabouts I walk in Neiman’s and Marcus I’m buried out Walk in the bank and say, “Fuck it, let’s clear it out” I’m the […] Read More

Lil Nas X – VOID Lyrics

[Verse 1] Hello old friend from the road I wanted to write a note To let you know that all in all it ain’t all what it seems I feel like I’ve hit a low One I’ve never hit before Lately, I’ve been feeling small as the salt in the sea Oh, it’s so much […] Read More

Kapena – Just One Look Lyrics

Yeah, oh, baby, you look so fine Alright, you lookin’ so fine That could be mine Just one look and I know so far, far, far It’s love with you And I found out how I truly feel, feel, feel To have your love, oh, oh, oh, oh And you will, will be mine, mine, […] Read More

Tarot – Never Forever Lyrics

Ever constant change, timefilled space Spacefilled time just hits right through your face A moving picture, flame explodes and it dies Is there a secret truth behind the veil of lies Fly with the wind full of sigh Fly away and let out your cry Never forever Through countless futures, a point to leave to […] Read More

Winger – Without The Night Lyrics

Watch the sun go down, it’s just my luck again I can hear the sound of your voice haunting me again But just the sound is not enough, I try to wait, but I’m not that tough It’s hard to do when I need you here, it seems like forever Chorus: Without the night, this […] Read More

David Hodges – Glory To God Lyrics

On another cloudless night The winter air reminds me Of the bitter cold of life And how it leaves me wanting And in my thunder from the sky All of heaven finds me Full of wonder and surprise With Your glory surrounding For life has been born this night Heaven and earth will rejoice My […] Read More

Beenie Man Blast OUR & JPS Over Rate Increase: “Where is the compassion for the people?”

Beenie Man sounds off against the recent JPS rate increase with Jamaicans already paying higher light bills. The dancehall legend tweeted his displeasure over the recent rate increase granted to JPS by the Office of Utilities Regulation—OUR amid widespread outcry among Jamaicans buckling under the weight of the pandemic. Beenie Man‘s sentiments are shared by […] Read More

ZillaKami – Space Cowboy Lyrics

[Intro] Yung Germ [Verse 1] [Feared it was a dog from the sight of the tracks?] Took a little walk and he never came back “We will find your son,” told his mom to relax “He would never go nowhere without his baseball bat” Found his body layin’ on the side of the creek With a backpack on and a note near his feet, […] Read More