Jamie Rivera – Kuya Pedro Lyrics

Ang pagtulong sa kapwa’y pagmamahal sa Diyos Ang taong tapat sa Diyos umiibig ng taos Pananampalataya sa ama’y binubunyi Ganyan ang Kuya Pedro ko, alagad na tutuo. Di ka niya iiwan sa panahon ng pighati Huwaran ng kabataan, larawan ng katapangan kaibigang tunay na nag-alay nang buhay yan nga ang kuya Pedro ko, kaibigang tutuo. […] Read More

Dokken – Broken Heart Lyrics

Something’s going on The shattered edge of night, it calls to me Calls me That my love, she’s gone away Away Far away from here Yes, she’s gone And all I’ve got is this broken heart And all I’ve got is this broken heart Broken heart She can’t hear my cries Far away, she can’t […] Read More

Coldplay – White Shadows Lyrics

When I was a young boy, I tried to listen And I wanna feel like that Little white shadows, blink and miss them Part of a system, I am If you ever feel like something’s missing Things you’ll never understand Little white shadows sparkle and glisten Part of a system, a plan All this noise, […] Read More

Dokken – No Answer Lyrics

Standing on the abyss You know I’m looking down The ones at the top You know they’re gonna pave the way Watchin’ as my world’s burnin’ down Should I stand here and watch it all fall away? Is our time almost over? Watchin’ the clock runnin’ down We gotta take a stand Or the’re gonna […] Read More

Keane – Happy Soldier Lyrics

I’ve been thinking Why don’t we Jump onboard some gunship And sail away to sea And if I’m seized by enemy Of any kind I don’t mind They’ll be sorry Wait and see The SAS will rescue me I’ve been thinking I’m so bored What a life to live and die By the silver sword […] Read More

Dokken – Hit And Run Lyrics

The night is gleaming black So right for your attack You know there’s no return Inside your heart that burns So wrong, you know it’s right This time they’ll be no right You know just when to move The punch, the sting, the soothe You take your chance, your chance on love Your chance on […] Read More

Goanna – Solid Rock, Sacred Ground Lyrics

Out here nothin' changes, not in a hurry anyway You feel the endlessness with the comin' of the light o' day We're talkin' about a chosen place You wouldn't sell it in a marketplace, well Well just a minute now Standing on solid rock Standing on sacred ground Living on borrowed time And the winds […] Read More

Ozark Henry – Grace Lyrics

Whatever's holding water You are here to see me To see me not to stay I surface for a moment and listen to the teardrops Things you have to say I don't want all this Did I fall from grace? I don't need all this I'm gonna walk again I'm gonna walk again Whatever's holding […] Read More

Twista – Slow Jamz Lyrics

(feat. Kanye West, Jamie Foxx) [Luther Vandross] Are you gonna be Say that you’re gonna be [Jamie Foxx] Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh… [Jamie Foxx – Chorus] She said she wants some Marvin Gaye, some Luther Vandross, a little Anita, will definitely set this party off right (Are u gonna be, are u gonna be, […] Read More

John Davey – Toss Your Javelin Lyrics

Toss your javelin ‘cross the chasm Of space and time and generation A running start, the finest art Of casting shadows long and lean The Genius in your own backyard Don’t need no helpin’ hand Don’t need no praise nor accolade To cultivate the land Fortunately, Behemoth’s still around His father pulled with hands that hold the child The […] Read More

Ojas – Robinstoner Lyrics

[Letra de "Robinstoner"] [Verso 1] Pidas lo que pidas Eso no va a poder ser Por más y más que atinas Sólo esquirlas puedes ver Afilando el miedo Alistando la traición Ajustándote al suelo Controlando la ilusión [Coro] Hartense hoy No esperen, no Hartense hoy No esperen [Verso 2] No importa lo que digas Si mañana obedeces Luchando a […] Read More

Ojas – Toy Lyrics

[Letra de "Toy"] [Verso] Hay una ilusión que es Que me provoca y no me deja ver Armas una lección que es La confesión precisa de esta adicción [Coro] No hay más de lo que comer Sólo ese fruto rojo que no sé lo que es Puedo ver A mi cuerpo más allá Y escaparse, es parte del juego […] Read More

Sfera Ebbasta – Gangang Lyrics (feat. Lil Mosey)

[Testo di "Gangang" ft. Lil Mosey] [Intro: Sfera Ebbasta] Gang, gang, gang, gang Money Gang, Money Gang [Strofa 1: Sfera Ebbasta] Sai che vengo da là Piccolo quartiere poco fuori città Fumavo le canne nel parchetto coi fra' Qua ci si fa grande e lo sai già come va C'è chi se ne va e chi resta là Volevamo fare […] Read More

Sfera Ebbasta – Gelosi Lyrics

[Testo di “Gelosi”] [Intro] Passano i giorni, facciamo i soldi Questi sono invidiosi E ci guardano male Perché sono gelosi Passano i giorni, facciamo i soldi Questi sono nervosi E ci parlano dietro Perché sono gelosi [Ritornello] Passano i giorni, facciamo i soldi Questi sono invidiosi E ci guardano male Perché sono gelosi Passano i […] Read More

Lil’ Tjay – Move On Lyrics

[Intro] Lil Tjay Oh my God, is that Avery? Yeah, yeah, uh, uh Yeah, yeah, uh, yeah [Pre-Chorus] Back when I met you I thought you were special Something 'bout you, just couldn't forget you Swear to God, I regret how you played me Can't believe I was me and I let you Bet you […] Read More

Ojas – Despedida Lyrics

[Letra de “Despedida”] [Verso 1] Viste el mar y el fuego Viste el mundo sin frenos Viste letras en todo Viste el sueño de pocos Fue pensar sin pausas Fue brisas en la mañana Fue escribir tu perfume Sin moral ni costumbres [Coro] Y hoy te vas Y hoy te vas Así [Verso 2] Descubrir secretos Desenredar el juego Fue la noche, el […] Read More

Sfera Ebbasta – Abracadabra Lyrics (feat. Future)

[Testo di "Abracadabra" ft. Future] [Intro: Sfera Ebbasta] Bu-bu-bu-bu [Ritornello: Sfera Ebbasta] Eh, i raga' in strada fanno la grana, abracadabra (Bu-bu-bu-bu) Nati con nada, vestiti Prada, abracadabra (Bu-bu-bu-bu) Ancora non mi ha chiamato, qualcosa non quadra (Brr, brr, brr) Se lo saranno portato, abracadabra (Uh, uh) Lo fa sparire come una maga, abracadabra (Uh, […] Read More

Idk – 2 Cents Lyrics

[Pre-Chorus] Cute face, nice ass, but she’s schemin’ on the low I just cut to the chase, ask her, “Do you want the pole?” New friends? No way, they be schemin’ for the dough Ring the bell, I open up, see they face and close the door [Chorus] I got my own two cents, if […] Read More

Goldford – Walk With Me Lyrics

Walk with me I’ll walk with you Down these troubled roads We’ve stumbled into We’re all in this thing together We’re gonna make it through If you walk with me I’ll walk with you Be there for me I’ll be there for you When we’re runnin’ out of hope When we don’t know what to […] Read More