Tedua – Corvi Lyrics

[Testo di "Corvi"] [Strofa] Tutti quanti con la stessa spocchia (Ah) Questa strada è spoglia di talenti veri Dentro i quartieri vige la noia Cento volte la stessa storia, per 'ste cose parla col Nokia Non provare mai a chiamare mia madre "troia" Faccio la vita che sognano in molti, molti ci sono morti Sotto i ponti puoi vederne […] Read More

Spotemgottem – Attic Lyrics

[Intro] W-w-w-w-WoodleyOnthatbeat How you want love from me? Why you want love from me? How you want love from me? [Chorus] She want Dior, but I already know she free, (already know she free) Bean got me geeked they dropped em' by the three's (by the threes) Psychopathic, I leave blood in these streets (blood […] Read More

Headie One – Level Up Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus] (One) I was way too content with depression (Suh, suh) All those negatives turn me into a perfectionist (Suh-suh-suh-suh) How was I sentimental with no sentiment? (Turn) Loneliness became me in my element (Turn, turn) How much cold nights did I sleep up in HM? (Told me turn, ayy) Way too […] Read More

NLE Choppa – Protect Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Yeah, NLE the Top Shotta Got the bombs like Al-Qaeda Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah I said I’m the booth with pneumonia symptoms But they might say it’s Corona symptoms Oh-oh, oh-oh, woah, oh woah, oh Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy [Verse 1] Reminiscin’ ’bout the old days (Old days) Back when the Grizzlies […] Read More

Pyrex Whippa – No Talkin Lyrics

[Intro: 21 Savage] Zone six nigga Pyrex Whippa [Chorus] Sippin on Hi-Tech, eyes red Looking like a frog Geeked up foula simply raw p*ssy got [?] I was liking her jaw Kill about my bitch, put it on god Niggas ain't popping, shit they be froze Givin no option, killin' em all We tote em rockets, choppas and bombs […] Read More

Steve Aoki – GIRL Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: AGNEZ MO] Yeah Steve Aoki Hey [Chorus: AGNEZ MO] Everybody loves a crazy girl Loves a crazy girl Never been to Heaven, but she’ll take you there (Hey, yeah, yeah) Everybody loves a crazy girl Loves a crazy girl On another level, goddamn, she bad (Hey, yeah, yeah) [Verse 1: AGNEZ MO] One shot, two […] Read More

Megan Thee Stallion & Normani – Diamonds Lyrics

[Chorus: Normani] Diamonds are a girl’s best friend (Tiffany) Di-Diamonds are a girl’s best friend Southern girl like me, I ain’t afraid to catch a case VVS’ on me and I flooded out the face (Hey, hey, Cartier) Diamonds are a girl’s best friend (Tiffany) Di-Diamonds are a girl’s best friend I don’t need you, I got flooded out […] Read More

Tory Lanez – If You Gotta… Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Tory Lanez] Yeah, uh Lil Tory Uh Yeah, yeah, uh [Verse 1: Tory Lanez] Look, I’ma talk to you, you finna talk back You got that good good, I’m finna spark that She got some bad friends, she needa holla at me I put ’em all down, I throw a bottle at ’em She got […] Read More

Quando Rondo – Double C’s Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] CashMoneyAP (16yrold) [Chorus] Double C, I be crippin’, yeah, the hard way Double B’s, I was broke and now I’m ballin’ Double G’s, I be rockin’ Gucci all day Double cup for the mud, I keep on pourin’ Double C, I be crippin’, yeah, the hard way Double B’s, I was broke and now I’m […] Read More

KSI – Down Like That Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus: S-X] Why you gotta go, go and let me down like that (Ayy) Down like that Oh why? Why you go and let me down like that? (Ayy) Down like I was nothin’ but loyal to you right from the start You changed up on me as soon as things start getting hard I’ve always […] Read More

Lil Tjay – Top of My Game Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Woah, woah Oh-oh, oh Oh-oh, oh [Verse 1] They tried to tell me I wouldn’t be shit Family doubted, I couldn’t believe I had to focus and better myself Fightin’ anxiety, smokin’ these trees I got caught up tryna run up a juug Locked me up, felt like I’m never gon’ leave Life is so […] Read More

Young Thug – What’s Your Move Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Young Thug] (BL$$D) I just let lil’ mama suck me up, girl Bitch tryna grind [?] of the both, girl I jumped out the Porsche and when straight up girl (Straight up girl) You can leave your trousers here, you know the world [Bridge: Young Thug] What the move? I’m tired […] Read More

Chance the Rapper – Eternal Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Chance the Rapper] Oh yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, gotta throw it down [Refrain: Chance the Rapper] Side chicks can’t dance like this, uh Side niggas can’t dance like this, no No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Side niggas can’t step like this, […] Read More

Lil Yachty – Respect My Name Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus: Lil Yachty] Big Boat, Big Boat, King Boat (Yeah) Put some respect on my name, nigga Put some respect on my name, nigga (Respect on my name) Put some respect on my name, nigga (Yeah) Put some respect on my name, nigga Since they went, I had come up in the […] Read More

Juice WRLD – Whistles Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Oh oh (Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah) Woah bitch woah damn Oh oh (Ya dig?) [Chorus] Bitches in my closet it’s a freak show Ain’t been here for long man like a week, oh Ain’t living in my brib got a new home I told them to come party in Juice […] Read More

Young Thug – Muddy Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Lucci] Ayy, ayy, ayy, yeah, I told her Hey, ayy, hey Hey, double up my cup, I like it extra muddy (Mike Will made it) (Go, go) [Chorus: Lucci & Young Thug] Hey, double up my cup, I like it extra muddy VVS on us, [?] flooded I didn’t want this […] Read More

NAV – Time Piece Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus: NAV] Timeless timepiece Designer, design me (Yeah) Private jet gon’ fly me That bitch gon’ slide Racks made my pockets look tiny (Racks) VVS’s shining Elliot tryna blind me Can’t see the time (Yeah) On my way to the top, I’m climbing Thought about resigning (Yeah) But the racks remind me […] Read More

Wiz Khalifa – Alright Lyrics

[Chorus: Trippie Redd] Said I’m alright (Alright) Everywhere I go, bitch I’m alright (Alright) Yeah, attracting bold bitches all night (All night) VVS them diamonds, bitch they all ice (All ice) Yeah, I’m telling you I’m alright (I’m alright) Yeah, said I’m telling you I’m alright (I’m alright) Yeah, said I’m telling you I’m alright […] Read More

YNW Melly – No More Lyrics

[Chorus] I ain’t tryna get in my feelings, but damn (But damn) What’s goin’ on, bro? I thought you was fam (Was fam) And you mad at me about a bitch Instagram (Like damn) Got me like, “What the fuck wrong with him?” [Verse 1] Tryna beef over some pussy, that’s funny (That’s funny) Can’t […] Read More

Juice WRLD – I Wanna Lyrics

[Intro] Sweatin’ bullets boy [Chorus] Bitch you goin’ hard, I’m goin’ harder VVS wetter than some water Hey I know you see me ballin’ like a starter I want money, money, money in that order Hey, young nigga, I could fuck yo daughter Young nigga still could fuck yo momma I do what I want […] Read More

Usher – Gift Shop lyrics

[Intro: Usher] (Zaytoven) I walk up in that motherfucker like, get what you want Ayy, let me get that Gift shop, gift shop, yeah [Chorus: Usher] Treat the Gucci store like a gift shop Treat the Gucci store like a gift shop Locked in the bag like a Ziploc Got your main thing in the […] Read More