Ruthie Foster – Working Woman Lyrics

[Verse 1] She’s overtime and underpaid She’s kicking ass and taking names She’s punching that clock, she’s climbing that ladder, she’s spinning those wheels She can do your job ten times better and do it in heels [Chorus] So get your glass up for the working woman When you got to get it done, call […] Read More

Thomas Rhett – Where We Grew Up Lyrics

[Verse 1] Rooster crow meant coffee pot No trespass meant don't get caught Hit the town meant parkin’ lot where we grew up It was ask her to dance, leave room for Jesus Friday nights were lights and bleachers Ridin' around 'cause gas was cheaper where we grew [Chorus] On country music, baseball diamonds Findin’ […] Read More

Katy Perry – Never Worn White Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] You love the Hell out of me And Heaven’s where we could be I’ve stood on the edge of love But never took the leap And you took my armor off And did it delicately And I let my guard down To show you what’s underneath [Pre-Chorus] Thank God that you were man enough […] Read More

Lost Dogs – Free At Last Lyrics

[Verse 1: Terry Scott Taylor] The Queen of Heaven lives just down the street She got her ridin’ hood on and bells on her feet She cool me down when I turn up the heat I used to chew tobacco, now my breath is sweet [Chorus: Terry Scott Taylor] And I’m free at last, free […] Read More

Gunna – Yao Ming Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, yeah Yeah, uh [Chorus] Yao Ming, this money tall (This money tall) I just checked the stats, niggas still waitin’ on me to fall (Fall) Bitch got drip like me, walkin’ out in Louis leotard (Yeah) These Turbo Wheezy wave beats got me singin’ to the top (Top) Bedspread (Spread), Medusa head matchin’ […] Read More

Gunna – One Call Lyrics

[Intro] Makers Run that back, Turbo Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey [Chorus] Designer head to toe (Head to toe) I sip to the head and float (Head and float) I already bagged the pole (Bagged the pole) You niggas too scared to go (Scared to go) Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, […] Read More

Gucci Mane – Father’s Day Lyrics

[Intro] Wop, brr You are the mirror of my— Wop [Verse 1] Rollin’ like a mothafucka, high as a kite Like a hooker in church, I’m sweatin’ like a bitch Lit like a wick, sharp as a tick Don’t slip on the drip, 10K on the kicks Metro on my beat, Guwop from the East […] Read More

DAUGHTRY – White Flag

I lost, I was lingering in the dark Hot ties, don’t you know I’ve seen them all? Ain’t want to preach, ain’t want to speak of what I don’t know I’ve laid that burden down With one hand I’m reaching for the sky And one hand holding on [?] But won’t raise my, won’t raise […] Read More

J Cole – ATM lyrics

[Intro] Life can bring much pain There are many ways to deal with this pain Choose wisely [Refrain] Will I fall? Will I fly? Heal my soul Fulfill my high Cross my heart (Count, count, count, count it) And hope to die (Count, count, count, count it) With my slice (Count, count, count, count it) […] Read More

Dierks Bentley – Woman, Amen

[Verse 1] I’d lose my way and I’d lose my mind If I faced one day on my own I know I was saved The night that she gave this drifter’s heart a home [Chorus] Every night I should be on my knees Lord knows how lucky I am I’ll never say near enough Thank […] Read More

Liam Gallagher – Come Back To Me

I’ve gone so far My hands, are hot but I wanna touch ‘Cause I know you’re lonely I’ve seen despair But I still care, my heart is together My head is exploding Everyone out there Says you think I’m a bit too hard Everyone out there Says you’ve been testing with man and God Trying […] Read More

Jessie J – Not My Ex

[Verse 1] My ex used to tell me I’m flawless While laying low with all the girls Believed him when he said he was honest Then blame myself when I got hurt My ex used to tell me I’m selfish But never did he put me first Ignore me and he do it on purpose […] Read More

Illuminati intro – Blac Youngsta lyrics

Lyrics Blac Youngsta – Illuminati intro How you doing ladies and gentlemen. I go by the name of Blac Yougsta. I rep them three letters C-M-G And I name this project Illuminati because I felt like I sacrificed a lot of s**t to get here. I had to sacrifice a lot of friendships A lot […] Read More

Papa Roach – Give Me Back My Life lyrics

All the walls coming down around me I know that I’m fucked up and infected I’ve been hiding and I feel rejected Thank God that you finally found me ‘Cause you gotta get me outta here I’ve been shacken disconnected I’ve been loving like I’ve been neglected All the walls coming down around me And […] Read More

OutKast – Hey Ya! (feat. Andre 3000)

[Intro] 1, 2, 3: go! [Verse 1] My baby don’t mess around Because she loves me so And this I know for sho But does she really want it But can’t stand to see me Walk out the door? Don’t try to fight the feeling Cause the thought alone is killing me right now Thank […] Read More

Sylvan LaCue – Best Me

[Intro] Apologies in advance jealousy ensues but I choose to understand [Verse 1: Sylvan LaCue] I sip slow think slower. Cause people love to judge, when they barely even know ya I’mma say that again, I sip slow think slower. Because people love to judge, even when they barely even know ya When I was […] Read More