Money Man – Average Lyrics

I’ma pull up in a minute It’s gon’ be gone in a minute [Hook:] Why is you with him he regular This shit I’m hittin’ ain’t regular Black on my shoes I’m a predator I swear [?] f*ck up a check with [?] Nothing I’m doing is average She said her nigga just average That […] Read More

Hamell On Trial – Toast Lyrics

I drink tonight to Trudy, from Paris to Denmark, who never knew her sister and followed in the dark, who's breasts rose and fell like finance, like laughter, like song, who never had a conscience so never could be wrong And I raise a toast to Jacob, his vices, his moods, in our youth we […] Read More

Yung Beef – Fashion Lyrics

[Bridge: Yung Beef] Follando putas en Milan Contando money en Paris Follando guarras en Milan Ah ah ah ah [Hook: Yung Beef] Fashion, Fashion, Fashion Fashion, Fashion, Fashion Fashion, Fashion, Fashion Fashion, Fashion, Fashion (x20) [Verso 1: Yung Beef] 20k en cash puta tirame el flash Todos los diseñadores me quieren chingar Yo pongo la […] Read More

Yves Montand – Les Grands Boulevards Lyrics

J’aime flâner sur les grands boulevards Y a tant de choses, tant de choses Tant de choses à voir On n’a qu’à choisir au hasard On s’fait des ampoules A zigzaguer parmi la foule J’aime les baraques et les bazars Les étalages, les loteries Et les camelots bavards Qui vous débitent leurs bobards Ça fait […] Read More

Coronavirus: 'Priest fined in Paris after leading mass' during lockdown

Coronavirus: ‘Priest fined in Paris after leading mass’ during lockdown Residents alerted police after hearing music coming from church, reports say Zoe Tidman Tuesday 14 April 2020 00:22 {{^moreThanTen}} {{total}} comments {{/moreThanTen}} A priest has been fined for breaking lockdown rules by going ahead with an Easter mass in central Paris, according to local media. Residents reportedly raised the […] Read More

France death toll tops 3,000 after biggest daily one-day increase

France death toll tops 3,000 after biggest daily one-day increase Only Italy, Spain and China have recorded more deaths Vincent Wood @wood_vincent Tuesday 31 March 2020 00:06 {{^moreThanTen}} {{total}} comments {{/moreThanTen}} MARTIN BUREAU/AFP via Getty Images France has become the fourth nation to see its coronavirus death toll exceed 3,000 following its worst day for […] Read More

Kekra – J’travaille Lyrics

[Refrain 1] J’travaille, pour la maille J’bataille, pour la famille J’travaille, pour la maille J’bataille, pour la famille [Couplet 1] Les rageux n’sont pas d’taille, voudraient nous voir bannis Mais j’suis en Tanzanie, j’roule un teh en plein safari Couleur jaune canari, doigts d’pied en éventail Gucci sur les sandales, ne m’parlez pas d’Paris [Pré-refrain] […] Read More

MoStack – Staqdó Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] ILL BLU [Chorus] Gimmie all the paper to Staqdó I like that gyal with the backbone All my nigga’s making big funds and they’re getting big ones, so Hear the sound of the cash flow The money goes oooh-oooh Oooh-oooh Oooh-oooh, oooh-oooh [Verse 1] I don’t know who to trust these days ‘Cos how these nigga’s give me same speech […] Read More

Tetes Raides – Les Clampettes Lyrics

Et vivent les filles bien faites La Seine et les grandes chaleurs Et je dégueule les jours de fête On n’est pas là pour regarder à s’attrister les clampettes A voir vos têtes on dirait presque le printemps On est v’nu là pour le présent et pour oublier nos ancêtres Noyés dans ces alcoolilizants Y’a […] Read More

Doja Cat – Streets Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] [?] Bla-a-aq Tuxedo Down-down on the, down-down on the beat [Chorus] Like you Like you Like you Ooh I found it hard to find someone like you Like you Like you Like you Send your location, come through I can’t sleep no more In my head, we belong And I can’t be without you I […] Read More

Frank Ocean – DHL Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Love that I, love that I give That is not all that I give up Uh, uh-huh Love that I, love that I give Uh-huh, uh-huh, huh That is not all that I give up [Verse 1] Look at them shakes, uh-huh Made up a dance How come you shook? But I ain’t took out […] Read More

G-Eazy – Hittin Licks Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Yeah (It’s time for the ninety-nine) Ayy, yeah [Chorus] One of one, ain’t no one like me One of one, ain’t no one like you Yeah, we the shit together Let’s go around the world hittin’ licks together, yeah One of one ain’t no one like us Why the fuck you think they don’t like […] Read More

Ruth B. – Sycamore Tree Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] I don’t trust a lot, but I think I trust you I keep to myself, but I’m crazy as well And I know I don’t know a lot about you And you know you don’t know a lot about me But, I’ll give you my time if you give me […] Read More

Ace Hood – In My Bag Lyrics

[Intro] Ay dios mios! Body Bag (Bag) Oh yeah, nigga (Uh) I wanna take off Uh [Verse: Ace Hood] Raise up my levels, I’m doing it I bought some Balenci’s and ruined them That shit on the dash, I’m doing it The vision aligned, I’m doing it My Queen on her shit and she doing […] Read More

Yung Bans – In My Underwear Lyrics

[Intro: Baka] Murda on the beat so it’s not nice [Chorus] Yeah, slidin’ down yo block, big Glock in my underwear Police pull me over right now, I’m gon’ get the chair This a dirty game, if you gon’ play, you gotta stay aware Niggas doin’ all that talkin’, ain’t no action, how I know […] Read More

Little Mix – Only You (Acoustic) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Perrie] Dancing with your silhouette in the places that we met Ooh, tryna find you in the moon Paris never feels the same, when the streets all call your name Ooh, so I hide in crowded rooms [Pre-Chorus: Leigh-Anne] And I’ll follow right down the river Where the ocean meets the sky To […] Read More

5 Seconds of Summer – Killer Queen Lyrics

[Intro] She’s a Killer Queen Gunpowder, gelatine Dynamite with a laser beam [Verse 1] She keeps Moët et Chandon In her pretty cabinet ‘Let them eat cake,’ she says Just like Marie Antoinette A built-in remedy For Khrushchev and Kennedy At anytime an invitation You can’t decline Caviar and cigarettes Well versed in etiquette Extraordinarily […] Read More

Kevin Gates – I Got U Lyrics

[Chorus: Kevin Gates] Do you feel This here In your ear Dick up here In your ribs On the real From the real In the mirror I’m him Don’t trip I got you I got you I got me Just get you Selfish, it’s not true I’mma show you how I can do Throw it […] Read More

Aminé – DR. WHOEVER Lyrics

[Intro: Rickey Thompson] Sad on your muthafuckin b-day? Bitch, what the fuck?! Don’t you realize you poppin’? Every time you walk in the room you break necks. Necks?! But you tellin’ me you sad on your muthafuckin’ b-day Yeah Yeah [Verse 1: Aminé] Yeah I sit here and tell you my problems That’s how this […] Read More

Nicki Minaj – Hard White lyrics

[Chorus] Work hard, just to get half back Used to work hard, just to get half back Now I’m gettin’ to it that way (Straight up, straight up) I ain’t coming through unless the bag straight I used to work hard just to get half back Used to work hard, just to get half back […] Read More

Beyonce And Jay-Z – LoveHappy lyrics

[Verse 1: Beyonce & Jay-Z] Happily in love, haters please forgive me I let my wife write the will, I pray my children outlive me I give my daughter our custom dress, so she gon’ be litty Vintage pieces by the time she hit the city, yeah-ah Bitches strength, I see nobody f*ckin’ wit’ him […] Read More

NEEDTOBREATHE – Darling lyrics

[Chorus] Darling, won’t you talk with me for a little while? We ain’t got nowhere to be, oh and I’ve come so many miles Darlin’, won’t you talk with me for a little while? Or at least until the baby cries or we both fall asleep [Verse 1] Oh I’ve been gone for so long […] Read More

DJ Mustard & RJmrLA – Hard Way lyrics

(feat. Rae Sremmurd) [Intro: RJMrLA & YG] All my niggas worked for this shit Mustard on the beat, hoe! [Chorus: Slim Jxmmi & RJMrLA] Had to do this shit the hard way Came up, yeah, did it our way I belong in the Wraith like a star gaze Young nigga, mixing Henny with the Rose […] Read More

Lin Manuel Miranda – What’d I Miss lyrics

[Company] Seventeen. Se- se- seventeen… Se- se- seventeen [Burr] 1789 How does the bastard orphan Immigrant decorated war vet Unite the colonies through more debt? Fight the other founding fathers til he has to forfeit? Have it all, lose it all You ready for more yet? Treasury Secretary. Washington’€™s the President Ev’€™ry American experiment sets […] Read More

Young Thug – Up Lyrics

[Intro: Young Thug] Southside on the track, yeah Yeah Back to back Ooh, ooh Yee! [Chorus: Young Thug] I take molly and go up (up) We take coke (and what?) we go up (go up) We got hoes (bitches) it’s ’bout to go up (ooh) You playin’ with smoke (brrt), it can go up (it […] Read More