Comethazine – LEAD THE RACE Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Your opinion Mmm, yeah Yeah, yeah aye [Chorus] Your opinion, you can keep it I’m undefeated, I really don’t need it (Don’t need it) Undefeated (Undefeated), means I’m winnin’ If we had a race, I’m the one who would lead it (Would lead it) I would lead it (I would lead it), to the finish […] Read More

Wiz Khalifa – Bammer Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Okay Mustard on the beat, ho [Chorus] Don’t give me no bammer weed We don’t smoke that shit, it’s TGOD Don’t give me no bammer weed We don’t smoke that shit, it’s TGOD Don’t give me no bammer weed We don’t smoke that shit, it’s TGOD Don’t give me no bammer weed We don’t smoke […] Read More

Pablo Skywalkin – Champagne Lyrics

[Intro] Flex Rich Lo in this bitch nigga man yall better go get yall mo’f**king money up this shit ain’t nothing nigga Nigga really do this shit nigga this shit deeper than music [Verse] My f**king head hurting I been thinking about a lot of shit Put a lotta niggas on I laughed this the […] Read More

Yfn Lucci – Big Ole Lyrics (feat. YFN Fat)

[Intro: YFN Lucci] SpeakerBangerz MJ on the beat, ho You know Uh, yeah, yeah yeah [Chorus: YFN Lucci] Gold, big ole baguettes, yeah Big ole, big ole, big ole, big ole check, yeah Big ole, big ole, big ole baguettes, yeah Big ole big ole, big ole big ole, uh Big ole, big ole, big ole baguettes, yeah Big […] Read More

G-Eazy – Full Time Cappers Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] G-Eazy, what up? From the Bay to the universe JetsonMade another one [Chorus: French Montana] Fuck a scrimmage, this ain’t practice We put asses in the rafters Fuck on bitches that got boyfriends But they boyfriends full time cappers Full time cappers Bitch, I fold them like a futon mattress We don’t fuck with full […] Read More

Snoop Dogg – First Place Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus: Tdot illdude] Convertibles and Cuban links just like a prize I  gotta win, the golden medal caught my eye (First place) My  eye (First place), ooh Champion on every street that I survive I gotta win, the golden medal caught my eye (First place) My  eye (First place), ooh [Verse 1: Snoop Dogg] OG,  S-N-double […] Read More

Comethazine – Fuck Errbody Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Grow up, nigga [Chorus] Just left the lot, skrrted away with two seats For the price of this bitch, could have skrrted away with two Jeeps I was just broke, nothin’ to eat, dusty sneaks on my feet So bitch, why the fuck would I be cheap? (Bitch) Smokin’ dope out […] Read More

Chief Keef – Sneeze Lyrics

[Intro] Zaytoven Yah, yah, yah, yah (Yeah) Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh (Yeah) Yah, yah (Yeah) Sosa, baby (Sosa) GBE, baby (Bang, Bang) [Chorus] Chocolate chopper for him, he think it’s vanilla 30 shot, four five, in my Louis sweater Cooler than a fan, this bitch think that I’m sweat her “Chief Sosa, I look up […] Read More

Gunna – Idk Why Lyrics

[Intro] Wheezy outta here [Chorus] All I know is grind (Grind) Wonder why the Lord steady sendin’ me blessings, I don’t know why (Don’t know why) Mama thanked me for her purse And looked me in my face and then she started cryin’ (Started cryin’) My talent take me different places I can say lately […] Read More

Migos – Naw, Naw Lyrics

[Chorus: Quavo] Your bitch, she wet, she leakin Na, for real Don’t fuck with you niggas, you sneakin Na, for real Can’t turn my back on the hood, it need me Na, for real When you get money, stack it up for a reason Na, for real [Verse 1: Quavo] Take a look at my […] Read More

KSI – Beerus Lyrics

[Intro] Randolph, yeah, yeah Zeeshan [Verse 1: Randolph] Ah You don’t like me that’s established Keyboard warrior Ugly ass catfish You can never @ this Out here, living that lavish life You should be embarrassed, yikes Cashin’ the vault so it’s safe to say Your boy stayed dry on a rainy days World flow, we […] Read More

G Herbo – All In Lyrics

[Verse] Remember I was gang banging Earning my lil stripes and got my name ranging Rap got me getting money now my name ringing Heard my cousin say that he gone let that fame change him Yeah you right I might go buy 2 just to change ranges Might run it up and think about […] Read More

Juice WRLD – Armed & Dangerous Lyrics

[Intro] Gun ’em down (Bih, yeah) With a .50 (Brr, bih, brr) Gun ’em down Oh my God, huh Ya dig 999 shit (Ayy) [Chorus] When I’m in town (Yeah), party’s goin’ down (You dig? It’s goin’ down) Shoot ’em down (Bow), with a .50 round (You dig? A .50 round) Run the town (What?), […] Read More

Quavo – BIG BRO lyrics

Dun Deal on the track Is you with me or against me? (With me or against me?) I’m a OG now so you need me (OG, I’m a OG) Think you poppin’ Xanax bars, but it’s Fentanyl (No-no bars, it’s Fentanyl) Think you’re living life like rockstars but you’re dead now (Yeah) Let me put […] Read More

Juice WRLD – Got Nothing On Me Lyrics

[Hook] Young, young nigga but I’m bummin’ like a double OG Fuck one barrel, got a double on me I got backpack cash, keep a duffel on me And I’m on the shrooms, keep the truffles on me Your boyfriend ain’t got nothing on me Got nothing on me, got nothing on me Your boyfriend […] Read More

Reh Dogg – That Is Real lyrics

(Intro) Yeah One love Yall should step out of the way Real OG coming through Here I go (Verse) Big Art from NC have no common sense yeah hell he has no damn sense Put him on my label white dude think he can blow up overnight Honestly he wasn’t bright smoke too much 420 […] Read More

Lil Baby – Southside Lyrics

[Intro] Southside on the track, yeah Southside Southside Yeah Strapped [Hook] I just got some stupid dome from this hoe from the Southside Long live Troop, my OG man, that nigga from the Southside Shout out Deezy and them Lo’s who crippin’ on the Southside I get bags in for the low and send them […] Read More

Smokepurpp – Muddy Lyrics

[Intro: Smokepurpp] When you hear that money counter, that’s Killa Slade in the back Ffff beep! Yuh! Esketit [Hook: Smokepurpp] My cup is soo muddy My cup is soo muddy My cup is soo muddy My cup is soo muddy My cup is soo muddy My cup is soo muddy My cup is soo muddy […] Read More

Bow Wow – Emotional Lyrics

[Verse 1] Back on my shit, you should be nervous boy Maybach ride, I’m ducked low behind them curtains boy And I got my feet up, young nigga sittin’ comfy though Backwood, ten grams, we blowin’ heavy smoke Left Cash Money then I went back to the home team Had to find me wave, I […] Read More

Trouble – Come Thru lyrics

[Intro: Trouble] Ear Drummers Man, this crazy as f*ck You said you was talkin’ about what? I got nothin’, man I got nothin’ on no nothin’ Nah, straight like that, though Mike WiLL Made-It [Verse 1: Trouble] Ain’t got nothin’ for no nothin’, nothin’ gets to me too close Ain’t got nothin’ for no nothin’ […] Read More

Young M.A – Praktice

[Intro] Like we ain’t never ever go hard for this They don’t let us in, we bogartin’ this shit Yeah They talkin’ ’bout practice, bloody Like we don’t practice, bloody [Verse 1] Who said I don’t go hard? Bitch, I go so hard I don’t care who got it, we still in charge Fuck these […] Read More

Smoke DZA – The Mood (feat. Joey Bada$$)

[Intro: Smoke DZA] Yea It’s a really fucking cool era we in Yea, uh [Verse 1: Smoke DZA] It’s a Bada$$, Kushed God colossal We coming through and we hostile 47 deep so everything’s getting toppled Showtime nigga word to James word to goggles Everybody’s fucked like a high price brothel You can’t out-hustle a […] Read More

Curren$y – All For Lyrics

[Intro] What’s it all for? What’s it all for? What’s it all for? What’s it all for? What’s it all for? What’s it all for? Tell me what’s it – what’s it all for? What’s it all for? Tell me what’s it all for? What’s it all for? Yea [Verse 1] Crosses get thrown Cliques […] Read More

Offset – Violation Freestyle

[Intro] Ain’t no more motherfuckin’, "Wassup bro" with these niggas man As soon as you see these niggas, these niggas wanna cop pleas [Chorus] I just woke up to the money today (wake up) Fuck all that demon shit, I’m ’bout to pray (God) I really posted on blocks with these K’s (blocks) I’m thinking […] Read More

Lil Boosie – Heartless Hearts

[Hook] No one care about this heart of mine (I feel alone, alone, -lone, -lone, mama) Why Baton Rouge can’t have no second line Maybe that will help this heart of mine [Verse 1] I got this heartfelt thug shit Because my heart has been broken and stolen Busted wide open, close your eyes and […] Read More