Hd4president – Touch Down 2 Cause Hell Lyrics

[Intro] Baow, baow, baow Nah-nah-nah-nah, nah-nah-nah-nah-nah Ayy, ayy, yeah, yeah, yeah (Lil’ Trebble made the beat, he only had to play it once) [Verse 1] I say hold up Shawty smokin’ zaza out the pack, I told her roll up Niggas muggin’ stupid, lookin’ crazy like they know us You ain’t got no money, plus […] Read More

Young Nudy – Mini Me Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah, man If it was a shootout, my youngins did it (Fuck you mean?) Yeah (COUPE) [Chorus] Look in my eye, man, you know I’m gon’ spray (Yeah) Nigga didn’t know, but today is the day (Bah) Slimeball full, I want his lil’ plate (Big Slime) Bitch-ass boy, know your ass […] Read More

Joey Trap – REMORSE Lyrics

[Intro] Niggas where I’m from don’t show remorse I be ’round them niggas by them bricks and by the porch When up by the trap, I got a beam on my, uh (Sredna in the city) [Chorus] When up by the trap, I hide a beam on my Glock I just left the rollie store […] Read More

Rowdy Rebel – Jesse Owens Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Rowdy Rebel] Uh, haha, yes, grr, haha, woah Ah, boom, ah-ah, ha, come on, boom, ayy Ayo, NAV, what’s up, bro? Backed in my zone And, yeah, I’ll put some more nigga shit, ah-ah-ah (Gang, brr, huh?) [Chorus: Rowdy Rebel] Back in my zone and I’m focused (Uh-huh) Please don’t start […] Read More

Melvoni – CURTAINS Lyrics

[Intro] KimJ with the heat Kookup, wassup [Chorus] My name is Baby Face Nel But take out the Nel so then make the APM replace it I move with a .38 comes with no shells and no tracin’ We turn your block from a full house into vacant, uh They cannot hurt me, my killers lurking We doing drugs […] Read More

NAV – Addicted to the Fast Life Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] I’m addicted to the fast life I was broke, now that’s my past life [Pre-Chorus] I got a diamond necklace, diamond bracelet (Yeah) Bad bitch, ass done, fake lips, fake tits She told me, “Slow down”, ‘Rarri speed-racing (Yeah) It’s time to glow now, no more being patient [Chorus] I’m addicted to the fast life […] Read More

Young Thug – Just How It Is Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Future] Wheezy outta here [Chorus] Ooh-woo, diamonds peek-a-boo Ooh-woo, I done for the crew Ooh-woo, I done did the robbin’ I done did the jackin’, now I’m full rappin’ I put on my brothers, I put on my bitch Had to wear the dress ’cause I had a stick You know […] Read More

Lil Uzi Vert – R.I.P. Chico Lyrics

Play this song [Refrain: Lil Uzi Vert] What’s up with your homie? (What’s up?) I can’t fuck with him (Yeah) Them lil’ bitches know me (No) Oh, not you again (Whoa) I can’t pull up four deep Need room for your friends (Ayy) [Pre-Chorus: Lil Uzi Vert] I got all types of guns My block like Pakistan‚ we got […] Read More

Future – Talk Shit Like a Preacher Lyrics

[Intro] I’m lovin’ it Yeah Tell you some shit, I’ma tell you some shit Yeah (Check this out, check this out right here, okay, okay) Word ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob [Chorus] I designered my sneakers, yeah I done fucked my teacher Talk shit like a preacher (Talk) On the corner with a beeper (On the […] Read More

Shoreline Mafia – Moving Work Lyrics

[Verse 1: Fenix Flexin] I make money, break money, can’t no nigga take from me Boy, you broke, all my niggas stay stuntin’ I’m with Rob Vicious, we’re not chasin’ no bitches We been chasin’ the chicken, my niggas run up the digits We everything that you isn’t, my niggas handle they business We not […] Read More

Meek Mill – Tic Tac Toe Lyrics

[Intro: Meek Mill] Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up It’s a Kodak moment, got Kodak in this bitch Uh, yeah, yeah Lil’ fish, uh [Verse 1: Meek Mill] I did a Saks Fifth run (Yeah) I did a bad bitch run, uh I just bought a new AP (AP) ‘Bout to get the bad bitch […] Read More

Lil Durk – Is What It Is Lyrics

[Intro] Southside DJ on the beat so it’s a banger [Chorus] Fresh up out of bed, got a call, he was dead It is what it is, fuck ’em all, we ain’t scared Back back to that shit, we hit it all with some fear He said that he ain’t tell, what he said ain’t […] Read More

Lil Yachty – I’m the Mac Lyrics

[Intro] DN, DN, DN Dropped out of school, that shit was for the pussies Rockin’ ice, that shit, that got me pussy Ooh, niggas tryna overlook me Say what you want, just don’t push me (Uh) [Chorus] I’m the mack, I’m the mack Minor setbacks for major comebacks, yeah (Ooh) I’m the mack, I’m the […] Read More

6ix9ine – BREAKIN IT DOWN Lyrics

[Hook: 6ix9ine & Hudson Flo] I’m breaking it down (stupid!) A scam, I heard that boy running around with the packs So I’m taking him down (yeah) Oh my gosh, they live by the cold (you fucking dummy) You know we ain’t making a sound (what) You thinking about playing around with my respect I’m […] Read More

Lil Pump – Multi Millionaire lyrics

[Intro: Lil Pump] Oh Lil pump, yeah What’s up? How’d it go last week? Eh, eh, uhm How’s your man now? Yeah, Huh (Huh) Danny I See You [Chorus: Lil Pump] Oh, oh Multi-millionaire, aire Multi-millionaire (oh) If you rich put your bust down in the air (bust down) Multi-millionaire (yeah) Multi-millionaire (oh) I just […] Read More

2Pac – Why U Turn On Me (Original) Lyrics

[Intro] Ahaha niggas love turning this shit ol’ switcheroo-ass, bitch made motherfuckers, just be friends Outlaw nigga, Westside, throw it up, get it up (never thought it would come through) Hahaha.. used to had love for ’em, why you turnin’ on me? Why me? Yeah nigga westside, how you do it boy? [Verse 1] I […] Read More

Nicki Minaj – Sorry lyrics

[Intro: Nicki Minaj] Hey baby Even though you break my heart I still love you [Chorus: Nicki Minaj] Sorry Is all that you can say Years gone by and still Words don’t come easily Like forgive me (forgive me) And you can say, baby (baby) My baby, can I hold you tonight? And maybe if […] Read More

Moneybagg Yo – Exactly Lyrics

[Intro: Moneybagg Yo & YoungBoy Never Broke Again] [?] Can’t hear you Punch me in Do it all over [Verse 1: YoungBoy Never Broke Again] Back then she ain’t fuck with a nigga, but now she wanna cuff me My sack bigger Fuck on her, I leave I’m that nigga Dope on top of them […] Read More

Jay Rock – King’s Dead lyrics

Part I [Chorus: Kendrick Lamar] Miss me with that bullsh*t (bullsh*t) You ain’t really wild, you a tourist (a tourist) I be blackin’ out with the purist (the purist) I made a hundred thou’ then I freaked it (I freaked it) I made 500 thou’ then I freaked it (I freaked it) I bought a […] Read More

Kodak Black – I Get The Bag Lyrics

[Verse 1] Nah dawg, it’s lil Kodak nigga what you thought I got snakes on my Gucci, but not in my yard I got that bag got that guwop, bought a icy watch Shoutout to Convertible Burt Florida boy, Florida boy, Florida shit I turned my 4 door to a vert Can y’all please let […] Read More

Smokepurpp – JUMP Lyrics

[Intro] Ouu, ouu Lil Purrp (yeah) Bih, bih, bih bih bih [Hook] Pockets they on jump, Luol Deng (jump) Pockets they on jump, Luol Deng (Deng) Pockets they on jump, Luol Deng (huh) Pockets they on jump, Luol Deng (Deng) Pockets they on jump, jump (jump, jump, jump) Pockets they on jump, jump (jump, jump, […] Read More