A$AP Rocky – RACKS ON ME Lyrics

[Verse 1] All these chicks and marijuana Fitting my persona Mix with my designer I’ma need that by the morning darling I sit back and watch I sit back like recliner These thoughts could fix your problems These thoughts could get me locked up Nine shots, now my enemies shot up Now most of my […] Read More

Simo Soo – Eyyyyy Lyrics (feat. Rude Armada)

(Simo Soo) There goes those feelings bon voyage They don’t serve me, just bring hurting and don’t feel love All these sycophantic vultures all in charge of my success Scrolling feeds feels relentless, end that deal like its endless Too much emphasis on just how good is this Can’t compare any of this to these […] Read More

Juice WRLD – Tell Your Friends Lyrics

[Chorus] I’ma have a party tonight, go tell your friends bitch You ain’t gettin’ money, then you ain’t gettin’ in bitch Leave the heartbreak, at the crib bitch Come to L.A., I can show you how I live bitch Bet I get Wetter Wet, like a cruise ship She been flexin’ hard on my name, […] Read More

Kanye West – 4th Dimension lyrics

[Intro: Louis Prima] Down the chimney, he will come With his great big smile And you’ll find that even the kiddies Are swingin’ in the latest style Oh, oh, oh What is Santa bringing? Oh, oh, oh I wonder whether he’ll be swingin’ [Verse 1: Kanye West] It feels so good it should cost Bought […] Read More

Loki Love – More lyrics

[Hook] I Don’t wanna get high no more (Hook – x times -) [Verse 1] Here’s the thing about last night. Wasn’t really even that high. Chain glowing in the black light, i’ll put you on if you act right. Fresh to death nigga that’s right? Next to best, when I flex I ten to […] Read More

Gang Gang

Lyrics to ‘Gang Gang’ by Migos: On the 21 Savage-assisted song “BBO (Bad Bitches Only),” Kanye West received co-production credits along with DJ Durel, Buddha Bless and Quavo. For the group’s latest single, “Stir Fry,” Pharrell had the honors of creating the beat, while Cardo produced “Open It Up. Take A Listen Below https://70mack.co/wp-content/upload/2017/10/Migos-Gang-Gang.mp3 DOWNLOAD […] Read More

White Sand

Lyrics to ‘White Sand’ by Migos: It has arrived. After teasing us with various records & details over the past few months, the Migos finally released their highly anticipated sophomore album today called Culture 2. Laced with a whopping 24 songs in total, the project features contributions from some of the biggest name in hip […] Read More