Digga D – Toxic Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] (Ayo, Trinz) Look, yo [Verse 1] You get it? ‘Cause I don’t (Nope) Would you hit it? ‘Cause I won’t (Nope) Whole heap of gyal on my iPhone Influencers that wanna suck my bone I do it for all of the niggas that DM these bitches, and get left on read […] Read More

Bktherula – Uh Huh Lyrics

[Intro] Okay, okay Yeah, yeah Okay, okay Yeah, yeah [Chorus] Uh huh, uh huh, uh (Okay, Okay) f*ck that bitch and she say uh huh, uh huh, uh In the back of that damn sprinter with that uh huh, uh huh, uh Uh huh, uh huh, uh [Verse] On my jet because I'm rising slowly now That bitch ain't […] Read More

Justin Bieber – Running Over Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1: Justin Bieber] From the beginning it was ending We were emotionally pending Jeopardy, second guessing Got all the questions to my answers [Chorus: Justin Bieber] Keep runnin’ over me with your lovin’ I’m only right here for your consumption Keep runnin’ over me with your lovin’ Lookin’ like it’s turnin’ into something [Verse 2: […] Read More

Nicki Minaj – Suge (Remix) Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Nicki Minaj & DaBaby] I had to do it (Pooh, you a fool for this one) Ha (Hm, hm) Oh Lord, Jetson made another one (Rrrh, oo) [Chorus: DaBaby] Hah, pack in the mail, it’s gone (Uh) She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah) I just signed a deal, I’m on […] Read More

Kanye West – New Bødy Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Oh my God, Ronny! [Chorus: Ty Dolla $ign & Kanye West] Can’t  wait to see your new body Don’t  be actin’ like you don’t know nobody No body count on your new body I’ll be the first one to hit your new body Oh,  whoa [Verse 1: Kanye West] New  ass, […] Read More

Lil Nas X – Kick It Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Bizness Boi [Chorus] Run to, to me, for three See, if you need weed, get it from me It’s good See if you want it, Nas, I got it, nigga, we should go and kick it See you on the move, but we was cool, now don’t forget it Oh come, […] Read More

YG – Stop Snitchin (Remix) Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: YG] Bitch nigga, snitch nigga, ho nigga, bitch nigga Bitch nigga, snitch nigga, ho nigga, bitch nigga Bitch nigga, snitch nigga, ho nigga, bitch nigga Bitch nigga, snitch nigga, ho nigga, bitch nigga [Chorus: YG] Bitch nigga, snitch nigga, ho nigga, bitch nigga Bitch nigga, snitch nigga, ho nigga, bitch nigga […] Read More

GoldLink – Zulu Screams Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] [Verse 1: GoldLink] Hey, feelin’ like a brand new me And the entourage where the latest be And the sun don’t shine where the gangstas be And we Russian roulette to a game of three Pop one, pop two, pop three, pop four And the sun don’t shine ’round the year […] Read More

Logic – Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Logic] Yeah-yeah, yeah Yeah-yeah [Chorus: Logic] Don’t be afraid to be different Don’t be afraid to be different, y’all Don’t be afraid to be different Don’t be afraid to be different, y’all Don’t be afraid to be different Don’t be afraid to be different, y’all Don’t be afraid to be different […] Read More

Russ – Don’t Fall For It Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah They prolly gonna call this hate But people hate the truth Fuck it [Chorus] Postin’ drugs all the time Don’t fall for it Postin’ guns all the time Don’t fall for it Postin’ money all the time Don’t fall for it Don’t fall for it Postin’ drugs all the time Don’t fall for […] Read More

Wale – Complicated Lyrics

[Verse 1: Dave East] Let’s be honest, shorty I got bitches, you got niggas, don’t be modest, shorty Complicated but simple, I don’t know how to call it I be smoking you be drinkin’, we both tired of fallin’ in lust I can’t find nobody, I can zone out and can talk to I don’t […] Read More

MoneyBagg Yo – Break Da Internet

[Intro] I walk and talk like a check my nigga, like Don’t slip on the drip Error, error, she might fuck around and crash, hahaha [Chorus] If they found out who I’m fuckin’ I’ma break the internet (hey) She shake ass on the gram, time to break the internet He want attention, chasing clout, tryna […] Read More

G Herbo – Sins Lyrics

[Intro] I speak the truth, I live the truth, I respect the truth I respect the grind man Niggas who be they self you try to force yourself upon some shit that you ain’t and you never been I just can’t relate to it, look [Verse 1] The rap game kill niggas, literally It turn […] Read More

Young Dolph – Playa Lyrics

[Intro] Ayy, ayy Ayyyy Buddah blessed this beat [Verse 1] What up? All of these diamonds on me, they say I ain’t playin’ fair (damn) Pull up at the mansion, I got cameras everywhere (uh) Dobermans in the backyard like the president (uh) Fifty bitches on my dick, call me Dolph the pimp (hey) Don’t […] Read More

Lil Reese & Tee Grizzley – Ready 4 Real

[Chorus: Tee Grizzley] Bro in the back and he loading the steel He keep repeating “I’m ready fa’real” I catch the chills, when he shoot the mac Cause I know that he tryna kill You niggas playin’, ain’t ready to die Chill, before you get ate like a meal (like a meal) Pause, before you […] Read More

Cardi B Blast King Yella Amidst Offset Beef

Cardi B has had enough of King Yella speaking bad on her name. Over the past week, Chicago rapper King Yella has been slandering Cardi B on social media telling his fans that he got with her before she was famous and even before she hooked up with Offset. Dancehall HipHop reported last week that […] Read More

MoneyBagg Yo – Ocean Spray

[Verse 1] The coup came with a masseuse (Why you say that?) That mean a masseuse massage me (yeah) The bitch on IG with you (where she at now?) With me now [?] In the club i’m scraping the booth (VIP) My glock on defense, it guard me Pass the sprite imma pour me a […] Read More

Future – Hate In Your Soul

[Intro] Tried to tell them niggas think outside the box If young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you [Chorus] Got too many racks on me, can’t fit in the wallet Got too much style on me, can’t fuck with no stylist You got that hate all in your soul, can’t do nothing about […] Read More

Wale – Good To Great (feat. Phil Ade)

[Intro: Wale] I got every right to feel myself, right, baby? True story, right? I told her I’d pick her up, she said, “Cool” She said, “What time,” I said, “2” Then she asked me what time she’d be back I said, “2:30” She said, “Pssh, like that?” I said, “Pssh, I’ve been like that” […] Read More

Vybz Kartel – All Aboard [New Music] | Listen

Tweet Share Vybz Kartel debut his new hustle anthem “All Aboard” a catchy single produced by TJ Records. Earlier this week, the imprisoned dancehall star announced that he will be debuting the new single on Irie FM on Friday and all day yesterday DJ Wayne was spinning the new track. “Am so intriguing get the […] Read More