Rylo Rodriguez – Pallbearers Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Baby] Al Geno, on the motherfuckin’ track [Chorus: Rylo Rodriguez] If you postin’ on the internet, it can’t be that real Walk with me, I’ma show you what these niggas really is Just listen, same nigga that got a body, but hold they head, they care (They care) When they really tied us […] Read More

Jada Kingdom Reveal She’s Battling Bipolar Depression

Jada Kingdom reveals she’s battling bipolar depression as she pushed back at critics over her weight loss. Jada Kingdom hit back at critics who have accused her of being on drugs. The criticism came after the “Best You Ever Had” singer posted several photos of her during a night out, looking slimmer than usual. In […] Read More

Digga D – Toxic Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] (Ayo, Trinz) Look, yo [Verse 1] You get it? ‘Cause I don’t (Nope) Would you hit it? ‘Cause I won’t (Nope) Whole heap of gyal on my iPhone Influencers that wanna suck my bone I do it for all of the niggas that DM these bitches, and get left on read […] Read More

Bakermat – Partystarter Lyrics

[Intro] Let me go talk to the DJ Or I'm out of here Excuse me, mister DJ? Yep Could you play something with a beat? What do you mean play something with a beat? You know, something I could dance to [Chorus] I came to get this party jumping and sick can be I came […] Read More

Frvrfriday – Aloevera Lyrics (feat. Ye Ali)

[Verse: FRVRFRIDAY] DM’s flood it look like aloevera Bitties come from piece, they come in pairs Yeah she wants my piece remember I don’t share You’re looking for my guidance baby I don’t care You’re friends are hoe’s they’re all up in my messages Leave the premises, I keep asking they don’t get the messages […] Read More

B. Lou – Dead Friends Lyrics

[Intro] TreOnTheBeat, yeah [Chorus] All I keep is money on me (On me, yeah) Dead presidents is all I see (All I see, yeah) Red, purple drink on lean (Ah, ah) Please don’t talk to me just like I need you (Like I need you) These hoes in my DM ’cause I’m the man (I’m the man) I done […] Read More

Princess Nokia – Gemini Lyrics

Play this song I am Gemini Super fly Fly guy I am Gemini Two heads One eye I am Gemini Like Pac André Lauren And Kanye Boy George And Anne Frank I am Gemini But no, I’m not fake I am Gryffindor But don’t move like snake I am Gemini People love to call me crazy But they judging and they hating […] Read More

JayDaYoungan – Dum (Remix) Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: JayDaYoungan] Any these niggas play games, we slaughter Pop, pop, pop This nigga, big 23 shit, bitch, oh Key Guapo [Chorus: JayDaYoungan] Do whatever the fuck I want to You niggas play games, we slump you Bitch, you say you dumb, I’m dumb too Bitch, you say you dumb, I’m dumb too Do whatever the […] Read More

Chris Brown – Problem with You Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] D.A. got that dope [Verse 1] Friday, Saturday, Sunday night Only girls in the crib if they ’bout that life (Yeah) Twenty-twenty-five, is the usual And I’m a young nigga with ’em, livin’ my best life (Oh) Phone ring, I don’t really think about it (No) It’s too late to talk about it If you […] Read More

Dreamville – Sleep Deprived Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Ayy Hey, hey, hey, hey Yeah Hey, hey Uh [Verse 1: Lute] I met this girl the other day that wanna know my story She said since the world against me, she all for me I told her God must’ve overheard my hopeful wish And crazy how I never would’ve thought […] Read More

Lil Mosey – Space Coupe Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Ooh, oh (My DM, my DM) They said all I want is this so can I see them? Ooh, ooh, I’m gone, I’m on Damn, we on, fuck it, you come on I’m gone, I’m on Damn, we on, fuck it, you come on Ayy Royce, you did it right here! […] Read More

Gunna – 3 Headed Snake Lyrics

[Intro: Gunna] Aimin’ at a date, aimin’ at a Wraith, aimin’ at a gate, mmh Aimin’ at a date, aimin’ at a Wraith, aimin’ at a gate, mmh Aimin’ at a date, aimin’ at a Wraith, aimin’ at a gate, mmh Aimin’ at a date, aimin’ at a Wraith, aimin’ at a gate [Verse 1: […] Read More

Tee Grizzley – Bitches On Bitches Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Pump] Yeah, bitches on bitches Ooh, bitches on bitches, yeah, yeah, Lil Pump Ooh, bitches on bitches, ooh, ooh Ooh, J Gramm [Chorus: Lil Pump] Ooh, bitches on bitches (Bitches) Give your ass a bean, now you’re showin’ off titties (Ooh, yeah) Bitches on bitches (Huh?) Young rich nigga, bitches call me eight […] Read More

Juice WRLD – London Tipton Lyrics

[Chorus: Juice WRLD] I’ve been runnin’ off on plugs, I need to rob another one I’ve been rubbin’ off on all these niggas, cause they steal the sauce Fuck niggas and hatin’ hoes, bitch I hate those That lil bitch goes “hiss, hiss”, she a snake hoe Somethin’ like a bad kid, I don’t listen […] Read More

T-Pain – Boo’d Up (T-Mix) Lyrics

[Intro: T-Pain] This shit been overdue I’m still not over you, oh This shit been overdue It’s a T-Mix, baby [Verse 1: T-Pain] They be like, “How many songs can you make about a booty?” Like a thousand, ooh girl, you gon’ learn today, come get this poundin’ I’m not finished, I’ma hit it in […] Read More

Wiz Khalifa – Gin & Drugs Lyrics

[Chorus: Wiz Khalifa & Problem] Up in this bitch and we all faded Fuck ’bout a bitch, no we don’t save her Nothin’ to a boss, do my own thing It’s money over hoes, no I’m no stranger One more bounce, we got more ounces One more bounce, we got more ounces One more bounce, […] Read More

Marc E. Bassy – HALL OF FAME Lyrics

[Chorus] Mama said “Every day is like this” Breaking you down, roll you a spliff But you come making it twist Just so they know I got a grip It’s foolish, it’s foolish, it’s foolish We can just do this, just do this, just do this Baby I got me a list Got some DM’s, […] Read More

Lil Baby – Bank lyrics

(feat. Moneybagg Yo) [Intro] Run that back Turbo [Hook: Lil Baby] Lotta blue hunnids they came from the bank I drank this shit by the pint If we leave then we fucking tonight Jeans expensive they fitting me tight I can’t do this the rest of my life Free the bros down the road doing […] Read More

Comethazine – DEMI lyrics

[Chorus] I just wanna fuck Demi Nut on her titties Whip out my cock, make that bitch lick it I just wanna fuck Demi Bitch fuck with me I know you like Charlie Bitch don’t be stingy [Verse: Comethazine] Take off your top, take off your socks I know you not a slut bitch I […] Read More

Kash Doll – Serious Lyrics

[Hook] Just cause you’re clever Don’t disclose where I was You slid in my head, told me I’m the one Am I supposed to take you serious? You want me to take you serious It’s gon’ take more then some [?], Fendi Really, for real, boy for real For me to take you serious You […] Read More

Molly Brazy – All I Know Lyrics

[Chorus] You’re mine that’s how that goes, how that goes I don’t wanna share I want you all alone, all alone I get in my feeling when you entertain hoes, when you entertain hoes Baby you are mine that’s all I know, that’s all I know That’s all I know, that’s all I know, that’s […] Read More

Lil Durk – Make It Out

[Chorus] I get so high I put these drugs into my system I love you with all my heart, ain’t no problem You chose your life over your son, that shit killed him I never asked you for anything, just your honesty How you trade on me like that? I’m your family And she tried […] Read More

Omega Crosby – Money lyrics

[Chorus] They hate it when you shine, yea They don’t wanna see you grind, yea All these girls wanna be mine, yea But I ain’t got time, yea Get money, get money oh Get money, get money oh Get money, get money oh Get money, get money oh [Verse 1] High as the moon, fly […] Read More