Nino Man – I Dubbed You letras

[Verse 1:]
Everybody wanna be a star
I don’t see none of these niggas going hard
That’s why I won’t compare myself to y’all
Living like a boss still on my fucking job
I been had the drive without the cars
I been sending shots without the bars
I been on my shit with the broads, soon as I fuck get the fuck outta dodge
Matter fact I’m boutta speak up to these niggas
Ready or not I’m boutta creep up on these niggas
I can’t believe it they was sleeping on a nigga but it made it so easy for me to sneak up on these niggas (juuhurd)
Now I’m here, going all out and progressing
I don’t take shit for granted, I’m counting my blessings
I curved club nights so I could lock in these sessions
Going in, mad songs getting knocked out in seconds
This is what I do, ain’t shit gonna distract me
I even had a couples niggas tryna attack me
That’s why I keep a goon with me that’s ready to clap heat
Shit ain’t adding up now they wanna subtract me
Cause I’m the truth, outside in groups, ride in coups
Don’t even tie my boots
I’m living, I’ll never be as foul as you
That’s why I’m shitting on you niggas like my bowels is loose
I’m grinding, so I’m guaranteed to get on, lames gotta get left when you tryna get right
Niggas be quick to tell you would you did wrong, but they would hesitate to tell you what you did right
They talk so much shit, a motherfucker is heartless
No matter what, they gonna talk about you regardless
When I read the comments, they say I’m the hardest
Other rappers just littering, putting out garbage
I’m far from the average, all of this is classic
Couple years from now yall gonna see this is and blast this
I’m never gonna stop until yall see me established
So you don’t need Facebook to check a nigga status
Niggas didn’t think Nino Man was gonna pop
Niggas say they happy for me but they just shocked
I was growing up looking bad, no guap, no jewels, no rocks, old shoes, no socks
Just me and my niggas
Tryna follow our dreams
Didn’t happen over night so we started following feinds
Bagging up dimes, selling bottles they need
Tryna get that fast buck, by tomorrow then breeze
But it didn’t happen like that
Wasn’t on the right track
Life was throwing jabs at me, so I had to fight back
Trapping was all I knew, but I knew I like rap
So I had to focus cause it’s something that I’m nice at
I know it’s gonna happen
I gotta be patient
I know Imma make it
You can’t rush greatness
The game that I chose it done put me in the matrix
So outta this fucking world I think I need a spaceship
Got this bad joint that be throwing me the panties
Till I got her pregnant now shawty can’t stand me
Fantasizing talking bout we gon raise a family
She said “we need a plan”
I said ” you right, get a plan B”
That’s only gonna slow me up
I make music so you know wassup
I ain’t gonna hold you up
It’s funny cause these bitches already know this stuff
These bitches wanna get wifed and they know they sluts
But I’m ten steps ahead, I don’t love these bitches
I just run a train on them and stay in tunnel vision
Look I just keep my eyes on the money and tell that bitch “curve I ain’t got time for you hunny”
Cause I set my goals high, You should already know I
On my block its so live, People call us low lives
In the hood 24/7 with them o-lies
Polo tee, fresh J’s on with some o-lies
See me conversate with a bitch ? Then Imma bone’na
Spanish bitch wanted the D I told her tomar
You ain’t gotta look for a nigga I’m the cor’na
Eyes dumb red from smoking that marijua’na
I don’t sugarcoat nothin this the real me
I talk nothing but facts this why the feel me
The fake niggas mad now they wanna kill me
Shit looking fishy and these nights tryna reel me
In like a fishing rod
That’s why I spit this hard
If my niggas sense some odd shit
You getting sent to God
I’m about living large, outside whipping cars
Cash counting, hitting broads
Mad loud ,big cigars
Im from Harlem so I stay fly nigga
I be wildin on Lenox with my A-hi niggas
I be grinding non-stop don’t let a day by nigga
You said my mans taking bout me, then that ain’t my nigga
If a nigga hate me then I hate you
And stop using real quotes if it ain’t you
And stop saying true story of it ain’t true
And never trust a nigga that be wearing fake Tru’s (juuhurd)