Locksmith – Black Hole (The Lock Sessions Album) letras

[Verse 1: Locksmith]
Let me speak from the heart
Let me breathe through the art
Let me put it in perspective
When I first started off
Every rap they would scoff
They would mock every word I projected
Now they memory is getting kind of foggy
See me doing shows every night, that’s a body
Spend more time on the road than I do in my home
House shoes in them hotel lobbies
I don’t give a fuck about the dress code
Policy what they call the front desk for
Probably leave with a whole mixtape that I wrote in my room
The boxspring from the bed soundproof was groom?
In the process when I process what is fed
Another black hole looming over my head
One look to the past is a step that I lose
To a future so bright you could taste the lead
See, I know the journey is bigger than me
I will not submit to this industry
I write my songs from a genuine place
If that makes you uncomfortable, fuck you just leave
They manufacture our art with no soul
Look in their faces, a desolate hole
Long as I’m breathing, I keep making music
I cannot create under corporate control
You a slave to the playlist
All you do is make songs that are tasteless
For a label and a boss that is faceless, face it
Nigga you a pawn you don’t say shit
If they ask you to sing, you gon’ say what song
Looking for your bread, they gon’ say move along
I was once blind, now I see it so clear
Now a nigga net worth moving up every year, yeah
I been focused on my grind
I don’t really give a fuck what they say about me
I been on this up incline
I bet it all on myself what that say about me
If you understand me, then you understand grief
Then you understand pain of the now
I was in the mist of a mystery, miss me, with the mystique
You a G nigga, how
I get more bitches and don’t even try
I’m just myself I’m a regular guy
You nigga’s coddle and squabble for women
Your nostrils are bending how can you deny
Why would I even be eager to enter or entertain people who blatantly lie
Rap is a vessel, I tell ’em god bless you
If I can’t be me, then I’d rather just die
I just take the vision of my mind, make it legible
Ever since I started rapping, I’ve been counting decimals
Let ’em keep pretending I’m extending what I’m feeling like a blanket over everything I did that’s impeccable
Let ’em talk shit about a player, I’ma know
Let talk down on what I do, I’ma show
Up in your news feed, with a bunch of new heat
Real motherfuckers can relate to the flow
You a slave to your timeline
All you do is talk shit from the sideline
No talent so you tried to define mine
No money so you try hard to find mine
If they ask you to sing, you gon’ say what song
Looking for your break, they gon’ say move along
I was once deaf, now I hear it so clear
Now a nigga net worth moving up every year, yeah