Barbie Cast – The Rat Song Lyrics

[Queen Ariana]
Put this powder in their food
They’ll sleep like they should
When the island girl gets blamed
She’ll be gone for good

Hurry right back to your room
You’ll get something great
All the cheese that you deserve
Will be on this plate

[Rats, spoken]
She said cheese!
She said cheese! (Oh-ho!)
Oh, watch my tail!
Stop pushing!

[Rats, sung]
We are a trio of hungry fellas
Who dream at night of mozzarellas
What are we hoping to fill our cellars?
Parmesans and bries

I wanna stick with a chewy cheddar
I find I like a Havarti better
Givе me a fork in a mound of feta
How we lovе the cheese

In a wedge, in a hunk
In a wheel, in a chunk
Does it stink? Like a skunk
Yummy yum yum yum yum

In a slice, in a brick
Very nice, very thick
Over rice, on a stick
Licking up every crumb

For our efforts we don’t want money
Don’t want a beach where it’s warm and sunny
Just give us something that’s soft and runny
Yellow, blue, or white

And when the rest of the town is resting
Oh, the ricotta we’ll be digesting
No one can top us at fine infesting
Nighty, nighty night

Some people think that we’re vermin
But we’re just misunderstood
The connoisseurs of the castle
Oh yeah the livin’ is good

Ooh, can you taste it?
Ooh, can you taste it?
Ooh, can you taste it?
Ooh, can you taste it?

Now that we’ve finished our little errand
Think of the goudas we’ll be comparin’
Think of the fondue we’ll be sharin’
Extra drippy, please

Here is the end of our bedtime story
Bring on the edible inventory
This is the moment of rodent glory
Now we get the cheese

Now we get the cheese
(Cheese cheese cheese)
(Cheese cheese cheese)
(Cheese cheese cheese)
(Cheese cheese cheese)

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