Deichkind – Remmidemmi Lyrics

Deine Eltern sind auf einem Tennistournier Du machst eine Party, wie nett von dir Impulsive Menschen kennen keine Grenzen Schmeiß die Möbel aus dem Fenster wir brauchen Platz zum Dancen Yippie Yippie Yeah Yippie Yeah Krawall und Remmidemmi Yippie Yippie Yeah Yippie Yeah Krawall und Remmidemmi Yippie Yippie Yeah Yippie Yeah Krawall und Remmidemmi Yippie […] Read More

Mikoto – Gut Check Lyrics

This mirror reflects more than you see. Your beliefs melt away as the day ends. Are you in or are you out? Goonies never say die. Its a showcase of, and so plain to see… Rewind and retract once more, I’m doing this for me. No holding back, is what it means to me, no […] Read More

Tony Rich Project – Free Lyrics

How many times do we fall in love, memories that pay attention The clock is ticking for everyone, time out for all the nonsense How many stars in the universe, long beach shores and foreign countries It’s like we change when the planet turns, kiss clouds and make us all be Free, just let us […] Read More

Defeater – Dear Father Lyrics

Buried him in the cold wet ground Familiar faces would have made him proud The military and the working man The history of the life he led “Can you feel that soil covering your coffin?” Can you feel? [x3] (So, what are you gonna do?) Be the hero that your father was (So, what are […] Read More

Move – Hello Susie Lyrics

Everybody sat here waiting for the train to come Just lay down a bright red carpet for her to step on Lookin’ to the bend I see her waving her hands at me Her looks were tanned and quite amazing as she ran to me *Hello Susie, hello Susie Tell me the news about yourself […] Read More

Groove Armada – Little By Little Lyrics

…..(music)….. Give it out (4x) give it away, give it away give it out (2x) give it away, today (9x), yeah yeah yeah. Perhaps we’re on own way, perhaps we’ve gone too far, perhaps we should slow down, be where we really are, really are, yeah. Today, today, if you believe that there is no […] Read More

Cadet – Call Me Lyrics

I think about love, I think about life, I think about rock I think about the times we used to hangout after school I think about things, I think about you I think about love, I think about life, I think about God I think about the times we were loser acting cool I think […] Read More

Rylo Rodriguez – Pallbearers Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Baby] Al Geno, on the motherfuckin’ track [Chorus: Rylo Rodriguez] If you postin’ on the internet, it can’t be that real Walk with me, I’ma show you what these niggas really is Just listen, same nigga that got a body, but hold they head, they care (They care) When they really tied us […] Read More

Burna Boy – Plotting (freestyle) Lyrics

Uhn Me just buy anything from bucking When me thing start barking No talking Straight ducking Them running no option Picking me block from barking Came down on the price he was charging That’s love there My thugy My chargie No problem Cold night on the street man are starving Mix up the rice with […] Read More

Tanya Tagaq – Tongues

They took our tongues They tried to take our tongues We lost our language And we didn’t Inuuvunga (I am an Inuk) We didn’t Inuuvunga (I am an Inuk) You can’t take that from us You can’t take that from us You can’t take our blood You can’t take that from us You can’t have […] Read More

Amna – Tu Tu Tu

Stii, te citesc ca printre randuri Dar mi-e greu atunci cand tu imi dai doar franturi Ma lasi aici pusa pe ganduri Dar mi-e greu sa te adun din mii de franturi Candva plangeam pe piesa asta Jur ca nu-mi mai pasa Poate doar putin da prea putin tie iti pasa Lasa, lasa, lasa, chiar […] Read More

Tori Amos – Speaking with Trees

Speaking with trees Speaking of my grief Speaking with trees I’m almost sure That they are grieving With me When you left Emptiness Since you left Chorus: I’ve been hiding your ashes Under the tree house Don’t be surprised I cannot let you go You will be safe here Safe in the tree house They […] Read More

J Balvin – Vestido

Nos entendemo’ sin decirnos na’ Porque en la cama hablamos con la piel Somo’ unos santos para los demas Pero en la habitacion nada que ver A ti se te quita lo de dama Mientra’ yo te quito el vestido A ti te gusta que te trate bien Pero tambien pervertido Coro: Nunca perdemos el […] Read More

Randi – Etajul Doi

Noul single lansat de Randi “Etajul Noi” va avea premiera pe data de 29 Septembrie, si marcheaza o noua productie a celor de la Famous Production. “Etajul Noi” versurile vor fi adaugate aici. Tu n-ai concurenta, dulce dependenta Ai un nu-stiu-cum Esti un altfel de design Ai starea aia hai mai stai (nu nu nu […] Read More