Klingande & Wrabel – Big Love Lyrics

[Verse 1] I’m used to love sneakin’ out When I’m fast asleep And I’m used to love passin’ me by On the other side of the street Causin’ Havoc on my mind, havoc on my body Running ’round this town lookin’ for somebody I’m not used to love, I’m not used to love I could […] Read More

S.o.a.p. – Dowuchalike Lyrics

And when the other girls Ran around in town I had my only friend Buggin´ me around Girl you got to get yourself A rude attitude Why should I belive in you Cause you can do what you like If you dig what you do Your life will be better that way Yeah you can […] Read More

S.o.a.p. – Wishing Lyrics

Now the reason’s just to hard to find (I can’t stop) crying (I can’t sleep) thinking of you Wishing that I wasn’t alone (can you hear me?) Wishing that I wasn’t alone Oooh oh Wishing that I wasn’t alone (can you hear me?) Wishing that I wasn’t alone Oooh yeah Something strange has happened to […] Read More

S.o.a.p. – We Are The Good Lyrics

We are the good, We’re gonna beat you at your own game baby, So let’s get it on, Come on come on come on Come on, come on, come on, come on, come-come-come on, come on come on (come on) Come on, come on, come on, come on, come-come-come on, come on come on (come […] Read More

Los Bunkers – Deudas Lyrics

Soy un montón de cuentas que En vida no puedo pagar Soy un montón de deudas que jamás podré saldar Todo lo que junté hasta hoy Mañana no me servirá Las cosas que me harán mejor no las puedo comprar Me he cansado de tanto andar por la calle sin pensar Y he dejado mis […] Read More

Spectrasoul – Remember Me Lyrics

[Chorus] Am I loosing Them Show what love is Hey [Chorus] Am I loosing Them Show what love is Hey [Verse + (Chorus)] (Am I loosing) Remember me I’ll see you soon (Them) Floating in the air (Show what love is) We take our chances (Hey) [Chorus] Am I loosing Them (Love) Show what love […] Read More

Paul & Storm – Nugget Man Lyrics

Robert C. Baker died on a Monday We all know his work, although few knew his name A Cornell professor who taught poultry science Forever enshrined in the poultry Hall of Fame 84 years worth of food innovations: Chicken dogs, turkey dogs and turkey ham Beyond them all stands Baker’s greatest creation For Baker begat […] Read More

Alexis Hk – C’est Le Printemps Lyrics

Je sais pas si tu sais Ici, c’est le printemps Ne sachant où t’écrire Je le confie au vent Dans les champs, les forçats Reprennent le collier On fauche à tour de bras Voilà que la pluie s’y met Je te prie d’agréer où que tu sois L’expression de mon désarroi Au regret d’affirmer Que […] Read More

S.o.a.p. – Let Love Be Love Lyrics

Just open your heart to what maybe, You’ll get what you give, Take that from me, And somewhere i know a miracle longs to be, Between you and me. Let love be love, Dare to let your heart be your guide, My darling, Let life be life, No matter what you do you’ll do alright, […] Read More

S.o.a.p. – S.o.a.p. Is In The Air Lyrics

S.O.A.P. is in the air, Feel it everywhere, There is magic in the air, (ahuh ahuh) Come come, S.O.A.P. is in the air tonight. Beats another round, Blowin up and smilin down, When you hear the sound, Put your feets back on the ground, S.O.A.P. is in the air, Freaky people everywhere, People they stop […] Read More

Spectrasoul – How We Live Lyrics

[Chorus] Is this how we live our lifes? In and out of all the things we had We'd leave everything behind Tell ourselves that it can't be that bad Anymore (Anymore) (Anymore) [Chorus] Is this how we live our lifes? In and out of all the things we had We'd leave everything behind Tell ourselves […] Read More

Lenny Cooper – Lights On Lyrics

Don’t turn the lights on Still got another song Set us up a round of the shots, take it down Ain’t nobody tryna go home Don’t turn the lights on Just let the music play Way past last call, party’s still poppin’ off Everybody’s singin’ and we ain’t done drinkin’, y’all Who’s wit’ me? I’ll […] Read More

Paul & Storm – Lil’ Guildies – Theme Song Lyrics

Everyone come along (Lil’ Guildies are questin’ again) Singin’ a happy song (Join the party with Codex and friends) Tink and Clara come a’ runnin’ on the double again Zaboo’s sneakin’ up for a cuddle again Embryonic Bladezz is makin’ trouble again And Vork’s got a monkey (a-whoa-oh-oh) Lil’ Guildies are on the case (Makin’ […] Read More

Paul Weller – Driving Nowhere Lyrics

Driving nowhere, going no place I’m just drifting, I’ve got low faith I’m just waiting for a tide To take me nowhere, along for a ride Pleasure sifting, can you keep it? And as I’m drifting, it’s hard to feel it And I feel I’m floating in a time I am driving nowhere, just along […] Read More

S.o.a.p. – Romeo And Juliet Lyrics

In the summertime I met a guy He was so fine, He blew my mind My friends are telling me Girl he’s a loser But they can’t see It’s a lot like Romeo and Juliet It feels like Something’s happening to me From the first time I saw his eyes There was sunshine Everytime he […] Read More

S.o.a.p. – Live Forever Lyrics

La la la Since I met you baby We’ve been connected someway We don’t tell each other why I just look into your eyes And see a new day coming You must be blessed with something I’m so happy I could cry ‘Till we enter paradise We’ll live forever That’s my belief in you and […] Read More

S.o.a.p. – Abracadabra Lyrics

I heat up, I can’t cool down You got me spinnin’ ‘Round and ’round ‘Round and ’round and ’round it goes (’round it goes) Where it stops nobody knows (nobody knows). Every time you call my name, I heat up like a burnin’ flame (burnin’ flame) Burnin’ flame full of desire (desire) Kiss me baby, […] Read More

Audio Push – Gotta Leave Lyrics

Yeah In and out I'm a do it like this, look In and out I'm a like Had lots of days with no vacationing Stayed focused, single no relationship Outside just getting my mind right Red eye, gotta catch night time flight Living no stress, chill out, don't flex Meditate, no sex, aight I'm lying, […] Read More

Kathy Troccoli – Open My Eyes Lyrics

Promises I receive in faith And daily I follow You Trusting Your point of view, oh Promises I believe and know I’m counting Your Word is true But sometimes I get weary Once again I need to enter in Your presence To rest and catch a glimpse of glory Open my eyes Break in through […] Read More

Mojo Nixon – Gotta Be Free Lyrics

Get me out of this town God, I hate this place Yeah, I’d get better luck gettin’ laid In outer space Yeah, there’s billions of women waiting for me Lord have mercy, I gotta, I gotta be free Yeah, I gotta be free Lord, I got Got my penis enlarged Down at the men’s clinic But I gotta wait […] Read More

August Kamp – Warm Wooden Heart Lyrics

[Verse] I got nothing to write I got nothing to find I got nothing to write I got nothing to find Tell me how you find somebody Tell me how you find somebody to love Tell me all the things that made you tough [?] All the little things that you keep tucked away [Chorus] You would have found […] Read More

Paul & Storm – Mel Lyrics

Mel Dear Mr. Mel Everything was going so well Your life was swell At least, until The police caught you driving ‘round pell-mell And they could tell Just from the smell You had had a little too much zinfandel Put you in a cell To rest a spell But you believed you’d been treated ill […] Read More

Ojerime – Moisturise Lyrics

[Verse] Drip down and moisturise me I know you can’t deny me Drop hints ever so lightly The only one I want nourishing me Giving you brain power I can go on forever (Drip down and moisturise me) [Chorus] I got no appetite when I’m with you No food no juice Nourishes me the way […] Read More