Choir – Tears Don’t Fall Lyrics

He feigns a heart of passion And stains to emphathize He prays for hungry children But tears don’t fill his eyes He hears men scream in darkness And fears for their demise He calls on God to save them But tears don’t fill his eyes Tears don’t fall, they don’t fall down He wants to […] Read More

Chris De Burgh – Love & Time Lyrics

Love and time She is alone again, wondering how her world could have been, he’s on the phone again, telling her he’ll be working late, “we’re gonna have a real good life, the money keeps rolling in, we can never really have enough,” but he doesn’t see what she wants is: Love and time, dreams […] Read More

Kiiara – Presents Lyrics

[Verse 1] All these, all these flames in my head And I don’t where they begin (Oh, Oh) All these words on my tongue I could scream, can’t spit ‘em out I don’t know why you got me choking [Chorus] Maybe it’s your presence I don’t really know It don’t really make sense And you […] Read More

Yellow Days – Belong Togetger Lyrics

Don’t you know we belong together babe? I’d be useless on my own (Don’t!) Don’t you know we belong together babe? I’d be useless on my own (Don’t!) Oh baby please Don’t make a fool out of me (Oh no) Cause it feels like We’ve been down this road before (Ooo my girl) Don’t you […] Read More

Ann Marie – Toxic Lyrics

[Intro] [?] Kio [Verse 1] Lately it feels like you been driftin’ In this bed, boy, I can feel the difference Tell me how the fuck we ‘posed to fix this When all we do is argue, you don’t listen [Pre-Chorus] It was all good in the beginning Boy, what happened? Is there someone that you feel can make […] Read More

Ghost – Hunter’s Moon Lyrics

[Verse 1] It’s been a long time coming I’m coming back for you, my friend To where we’d hide as children I’m coming back for you, my friend [Chorus] Though my memories have faded They come back to haunt me once again And though my mind is somewhat jaded now It’s time for me to […] Read More

Ashnikko – Panic Attacks in Paradise Lyrics

[Verse 1] Typical of me to go and ruin the party Everybody says they love me but I’m still broken hearted They call me Polly Pessimism, I’m a macabre Barbie (I love you) [Pre-Chorus] My boyfriend wants to love me but I won’t let him I’ve been predisposed to trauma since I was eleven So […] Read More

Pistol Annies – Snow Globe

If I could put us in a snow globe Ooh, then maybe we could let it go And we could spin around in circles In a world that’s all our own And we could shake it up Shake it loose A white Christmas all year through If I could put us in a snow globe […] Read More

DJ Sava – No More Lies

feat. Dayana Someone tell me why the lovers alive Are just passing by cause they are not pride There’s nowhere to hide from darkness and light You’re just ride or die But I got hope Which pulls out of the road Like a drug Wont say goodbye Leave you a last kiss Before I go […] Read More

Fleurie – Supertropicali

Let me start at the beginning Woke up in a world of lemmings (Oh my!) Everybody was racing, no one was winning All the girls were living Living in circles, spinning (Like knives) And before I knew it, I got sucked into it I wanna see my name on billboards under these city Lights And […] Read More

Field Music – Endlessly

This is how we all like I will wait [?] despite the tears Just carefully What’s worth holding on to? If my love isn’t quite enough? To sweep away the [?] way I’d be resting The seeding [?] Caught between [?] Not endlessly Read More

Nick Cannon Paid Student Loan Debts For Several HBCU Students

Nick Cannon launched a special scholarship that will erase student loan debts for many students at HBCUs. The Wild’N’Out emcee has promised three students from North Carolina A&T University, Winston-Salem State University, Clark Atlanta University, and Saint Augustine’s University to pay off their student-related debts once they successfully graduate. The students are from historically black […] Read More