Bts – Bts Cypher, Pt. 2: Triptych Lyrics

[Hook: J-Hope] 누구 때문에? 제이홉 때문에 누구 때문에? 랩몬 때문에 다시 누구 때문에? 슈가 때문에 모든 스타일과 흐름은 다 방탄 때문에 [Verse 1: J-Hope] 21세기 한류를 이끌 애들의 또 시작된 놀이 우린 일곱 마리 늑대, 함성이란 양들을 몰이 지금부터 보이는 고장 난 랩들 견인 해가지 우린 계속 진격, 비트 위의 거인 방탄 싸이퍼 right here, […] Read More

Mono Inc. – Study Butte Lyrics

[Verse 1] I came to see this light again A light that burns like flames I came to see resistance And streets that have no names [Chorus] Bring me up to Study Butte Where the final path begins Bring me up to Study Butte Let me leave here in the wind Let me leave here in the wind [Verse […] Read More

Hannah Grace – Merry Christmas Everyone Lyrics

[Chorus] Snow is fallin’ All around me Children playing Having fun It’s the season Love and understanding Merry Christmas everyone [Verse 1] Time for parties and celebration People dancing all night long Time for presents and exchanging kisses Time for singing Christmas songs [Refrain] We’re gonna have a party tonight I’m gonna find that boy […] Read More

Dom Kennedy – Sirens Lyrics

[Intro] Who gon hold you down (Yeah) Who gon hold you down Who gon hold you (Aye, aye, aye) [Verse 1] I’m back trippin’ on these niggas This life expensive so we always tryna get it I can’t quit, intact remains the vision I can catch my own fish, I can put you on shit All I need with […] Read More

Money Man – Believe Lyrics

[Hook] Had a close partner steal from me nigga couldn't even believe that shit First Solider died then Lil Man Nigga couldn't believe that shit Hit a lick for a bunch of money, a nigga had to leave that shit Caught a plane hit the field for the pack nigga had to retrieve that shit […] Read More

Montreal – Bergstreet Boys Lyrics

[Songtext zu „Bergstreet Boys“] [Strophe 1] Ich trage eine Krone, eine Krone aus Dorn Was hat der Typ auf meinem Dancefloor verlor’n? Fünfzehn Jahre Teenager sein Mittelpunkt des Universums, ständig allein [Refrain] Was ich verliere, gehört mir Mit Glanz und Gloria Tanz’ ich durch die Straßen Aber leider nicht mit dir [Strophe 2] Blutige Nase, […] Read More

Brothers Osborne – Dead Man’s Curve Lyrics

Granddaddy called her princess Country fair called her queen High school called her cum laude Most likely to succeed Her daddy’s back wood crazy She’s got two 6-foot-4 brothers You take one step onto that front porch You one crazy motherf— Her chase’ll leave you breathless Every back road in this town She’ll love you […] Read More

Hannah Grace – Closer Lyrics

[Verse 1] Honey, did you say that you need me? Did you say that you want me? Mm-mm Honey, I like the way that you see me And I know you can hear me, mm-mm [Pre-Chorus] Oh, you just make me feel good I never thought that I could [Chorus] Ever, ever have a love like you Oh, so […] Read More

Money Man – Pigeons Lyrics

She do not talk to no workers (No) All she want is her boss (Boss) I told her come to the loft (Loft) I told her come take it off Lil shawty fine and she temptin’ She wanna rev up my engine My niggas turn into Gremlins Whip up and serve you a Pigeon She […] Read More

Money Man – Average Lyrics

I’ma pull up in a minute It’s gon’ be gone in a minute [Hook:] Why is you with him he regular This shit I’m hittin’ ain’t regular Black on my shoes I’m a predator I swear [?] f*ck up a check with [?] Nothing I’m doing is average She said her nigga just average That […] Read More

Alex Ubago – El Unico Habitante Lyrics

Quiero ser el único habitante En tu corazón de cada parte Quiero que me cures las heridas Y que todo sea como antes Ya no siento es que aunque no entienda No puedo creer que te me escapes Llevo la melancolía a cuestas Y en cada ciudad salgo a buscarte Pero no te encuentro nunca […] Read More

Shin Hye Sung – You Are Lyrics

이른 새벽 저 안개들 사이로 꺼지지 않은 가로등 빛 조금 지나 꺼지는 가로등 빛 그 후로 내게 비춰지는 따스한 햇빛 Oh You Are 너도 그래 잠에서 깬 아침 풍경에 눈 비비며 일어나겠지 You Are 근데 말야 나 혼자만 생각하겠지 너도 이러는진 모르지 Oh 출근길에 난 생각에 잠기다 길 건너는 걸 잊기도 해 바쁜 일에 정신이 없을 때도 내 마음속에 […] Read More

Shin Hye Sung – Beautiful Lyrics

마음을 적어 몇 번을 접어 별말도 없는 편지를 주고 하루가 온통 기다림으로 울다가 웃었던 기억 어렴풋이 꿈이었을까 모든 게 다 두근거리던 네 얼굴이 아른거리다 흩어져 버린다 참 아름다웠어, 그땐 좋은 걸 보고, 좋은 걸 듣고 종일을 걷다 집에 오던 길 그 모든 게 다 너 때문인 걸 그때는 뭐가 그렇게 좋았었니 꿈이었을까 모든 게 다 두근거리던 네 얼굴이 아른거리다 […] Read More

Grendel – Fall Lyrics

What we're witnessing, of course, is the… death of permanence A new society is being created around us, being created from the broken pieces of today And those who people that society are going to live in a… a very different world Changes bombard our nervous systems; clambering for decisions New values, new technologies, flood […] Read More

Doja Cat – Talk Dirty Lyrics

Talk, talking to ya See, baby, when I’m talk, talking to ya Baby, when I’m talk, talking to ya Baby, when I’m talk, talking to ya (Yeah, yeah, when you, ayy, when you, when you talk dirty back) Now, when you talk like that (When you talk to me), I be in my bag I […] Read More

John Denver – Perhaps Love Lyrics

Songwriters: Denver, John; Perhaps love is like a resting place A shelter from the storm it exists to give you comfort It is there to keep you warm and in those times of trouble When you are most alone the memory of love will bring you home Perhaps love is like a window Perhaps an […] Read More