Joyryde – FUEL TANK Lyrics

[Build] (I’m comin’ boy) Let’s go! (Maniac material that murder the danceflo’) Maniac material that murder the danceflo’ Maniac material that murder the danceflo’ Maniac material that murder the danceflo’ Maniac material that murder the danceflo’ Maniac material that murder the danceflo’ Maniac material that murder the danceflo’ Maniac material that murder the danceflo’ Maniac […] Read More

Darlingside – Ocean Bed Lyrics

Ghost dog running down the rocky edges To the churned up under of the ocean bed No, I’m not running and I never have been To the true blue bottom where the light ends Old growth forest and the sun in your veins At the daily dawning of a green new age No, no one changes with a snap […] Read More

Waste Of Aces – Wicked Backslider Lyrics

Oh backslider so misunderstood You were trying to be good but you’re just a backslider Sneaky-sidewinder, ooh backslider Sneaky-sidewinder Oh backslider they say you went astray Now hell is where you’ll pay you wicked backslider Sneaky-sidewinder, ooh backslider Sneaky-sidewinder And now you know what they don’t know That good and evil grow in a garden […] Read More

Cage The Elephant – Night Running Lyrics

We’re on a night run Boy you better hold your tongue Talking like you coming from kingdom come Rhythm and reeling The feeling I’m riding The sound to the ceiling Never got no money But I’m running from the gun My engines flooded Cold blooded no money Drunk on something uh Killing the moonlight With […] Read More

Joyryde – DAMN Lyrics (feat. Freddie Gibbs)

[Sample: Freddie Gibbs] When I hit you up I'm talking about bangin' something Chill off in your crib and have a thing, probably make it stank or something Girl you like my bottom bitch, post my bail, pay for my lawyer Play your position when them other hoes get out of order When you wanna […] Read More

Darlingside – Crystal Caving Lyrics

Dial a light for a natural fade Seasons can change Menus scroll and the needs are met All I’ve got left Feed a family and we’re all grown up, yet we’re all still Here nothing growing, crystal caving in the atmosphere Everything’s golden Natural and the disasters And everything after On the hour, every hour, […] Read More

Misfits – Ghouls Night Out Lyrics

this is the ghoul’s night out suffer unto me devils born in angels’ arms ghouls in heavens fall this is the ghoul’s night out all ghouls go to hell humans held on eating flesh it’s my destiny ghouls, ghouls, ghouls night out ghouls, ghouls, ghouls night out ghouls, ghouls, ghouls night out ghouls, ghouls, ghouls […] Read More

Sean Paul Gives Tutorial For The #TemperatureChallenge On TikTok

Sean Paul kicks off his #TemperatureChallenge on TikTok as his classic hit went viral. It’s quite understandable why TikTok challenges have grown in popularity since the arrival of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Social distancing coupled with tight curfews has seemingly resulted in a resurfacing of just about everything, from old songs to dance moves. It […] Read More

Nicki Minaj Addresses Alleged Cocaine Use On IG Live

Nicki Minaj took to Instagram to address rumors that she has been using drugs. The Trinidadian rapper went Live on Instagram Thursday, May 13, to promote her Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape, which dropped moments after she ended the Live session. Her Barbz showered their queen with love, and she reciprocated with promises of new […] Read More

Chavez – Break Up Your Band Lyrics

I made it up to the fool the wax-faced lap dogs Who set the traps and when you’re weak they finally paid you Crave rapid hands With pride and finesse And you could finger through the piles Let all the drummers come to meet the champions Break up your band And blast with the cold […] Read More

Delta Sleep – Single File Lyrics

Wake up to a world overcast in concrete skies Where the smell of exhaust is a factor in people’s daily lives You elevate to earn yourself the status Then walk home alone at the end of the day in single file Hard to come to terms with how they do it When the streets are […] Read More

Cage The Elephant – Tokyo Smoke Lyrics

Hey man Hand me down down with the crooked back What’s your father’s name? Boy, you don’t know where you’re at Pick yourself up, you don’t look so good Maybe you should lay down Taught me how to fall But you never told me I was supposed to stay down Stick and move Sharpen up […] Read More

Garth Brooks – The Fever Lyrics

(Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Bryan Kennedy, Dan Roberts) He’s got a split finger wrap And his rope’s pulled way to tight He’s got a lunatic smile ‘Cause he’s really drawn deep tonight He’s got a fever, fever, fever, fever Grab a hold of anything and hold on tight It hits you like the venom from […] Read More

Chavez – Laugh Track Lyrics

Remain until the break stops Put on your guided lasers Pretend that we’re impatient Draw it all up and get it no way We’re waiting in the basement Rolling all our hopes in little balls ? He’s shooting bolts and get it no way Rolling up hopes and get it no way Friends have all […] Read More

Waste Of Aces – Le Petit Dejeuner Lyrics

Je voudrais un croissant Un croissant pour les enfants Le petit déjeuner Le petit déjeuner Je voudrais un croissant Un croissant pour les enfants Le petit déjeuner Le petit déjeuner J'adore une jeune fille Une jeune fille adore moi aussi Le petit déjeuner Le petit déjeuner Read More

Darlingside – Keep Coming Home Lyrics

I got lost on endless land On endless land I’m lost again Keep coming home I remember seeing you The flat end of a bottle through Keep coming home Comb the stairs, make us a drink The sun is set and in the sink I keep coming home Every little thing and large Is off […] Read More

Lil Reese In Grave Condition After Being Shot In Chicago

Lil Reese is currently hospitalized in critical condition after being shot in Chicago. The incident reportedly took place at Chicago’s River North neighborhood, Chicago, while the rapper was inside a parking garage. According to CWB Chicago, two other men were also shot, and all three were rushed to local hospitals. Sources say Lil Reece is […] Read More

Laura Mvula – Got Me Lyrics

[Verse 1] Woke up this morning with your touch on my mind Your kisses take me on some heavenly ride Go with me, go with you, no limit no I don't regret nothing, with you I belong [Pre-Chorus] Do what you want to do Say what you want to say Taking control of me Don't […] Read More

Babyland – Burning Up Lyrics

Don’t put me off Cause I’m on fire And I can’t quench my desire Don’t you know that I’m burning up for your love You’re not convinced That that is enough I put myself in this position And I deserve the imposition But you don’t even know I’m alive And there’s pounding in my crotch […] Read More

Delta Sleep – Dream Thang Lyrics

If I stop running to the outer edge of town They will find me and make me forget That when I wake up, two months down the line I would set out to do it all again Though I know I might not reach the end Don’t know nothing of where these sewers lead I’m […] Read More

Waste Of Aces – Joe Lyrics

Hey Joe don’t be sad Hey Joe don’t be mad at me I didn’t want to go Hurts more than you’ll ever know So don’t be mad at me Hey Joe come outside and play Hey Joe it’s such a sunny day It’ll soon be time to go Hurts more than you’ll ever know So […] Read More

Darlingside – Rodeo Lyrics

This is my first rodeo I'm holding on tight to the rope Don't know which way this will go An aisle at the convenience store Shoelace gray lottery floor It feels like I've been here before The clerk is a man behind glass Behind his eyes is the past Behind him the local news broadcast […] Read More

Babyland – Don’t You Feel Lost Lyrics

Everything seemed OK But growing older things started to change Friends and ideals fade away Deviation from hope and ambition As they start the adult transition Never achieved So now they appease Don't want to be like that As they become Everything we fought against The loss of support For who you are Now it's […] Read More

Delta Sleep – Dotwork Lyrics

Wide awake in bed at 4:16am Trying to grab a hold of thoughts around her head Constant existential questions have been keeping her from living free Living through a screen for most part of the day The City holds her dreams in all too many ways Wondering what’s beyond The City’s endless limits. No one […] Read More