Play this song [Verse 1: Mitchel Cave] Tell me if you comfortable with it Lay on the couch and let’s get busy Type to make you fuck ’til you finish Lean in the Fanta got me feeling fucking dizzy, whoa [Pre-Chorus: Mitchel Cave] I just took a shot of that Henny (oh yeah) Immediately got […] Read More


Play this song Verse 1: Mitchel Cave] Blood is always dripping down her throat It’s hard to wipe that smile off her face Sodium runs deep inside her nose She filled her void with fashion and cocaine, yuh This is how to copy, I see ya, yuh Chase that shot of Henny with tears Don’t […] Read More


Play this song [Intro: Mitchel Cave] Yeah yeah [Verse 1: Mitchel Cave] No doubt I’ll regret this Two of us went and broke down in Texas There’s barely any sound or reception Promise you won’t fuck the whole town when you get this, yeah Low power on her iPhone, yeah White powder on her nose, […] Read More


Play this song [Intro: Mitchel Cave, Xavier Mayne] Yeah, yeah Mmm… [Verse 1: DE’WAYNE] Look, I just wanna get my mom a crib and I’ll be straight I just wanna get up off a jet, hop in a lake Tell me I can’t have it, bitch, I bet I change They don’t know where we […] Read More


Play this song [Verse 1] Yeah This might be love Feel the affection through a chemical rush Baby hold my hand we can slow dance away our lives Oh, oh yeah I didn’t need much Yet I wonder if it’s ever enough Well it all depends if the next one will get me high, oh […] Read More

Nasty C – ​iThemba (C-Mix) Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Emtee] And that’s for sure (Exclusive, -clusive) (Ayy, ayy) [Pre-Chorus: Emtee] Don’t throw in the towel Don’t give up now Raise your chin up now I say Don’t throw in the towel Don’t give up now Raise your chin up now, ayy [Chorus: Emtee] (Sulahl’ ithemba) That’s what I told myself, […] Read More


Play this song [Intro] I had a dream, it was so realistic Woke up in tears with a bottle of whisky Overslept once again, if there was sunlight I missed it Crucified to my bed Crucified to my bed (My bed) I like to sleep because it feels like I’m dead (Feels like I’m dead) […] Read More

Kings of Leon – A Wave Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Oh, wave crash down on me Until I’m whole again Like days of old I see myself and rise I’m drying out in this weather Feeling of parasites And the time when the night feels better Is when you don’t go [Chorus] A taste as bitter as before We could […] Read More

Kings of Leon – Claire & Eddie Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Sister ride, sister ride if you wanna To a place I know that we can go Where the hills come together We can take it slow until you come around [Verse 2] There’s a glow at the face of the canyon And a sound blowing ’round Says you’re nowhere you’ve […] Read More

Kings of Leon – Fairytale Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Inconsistent love masked in a fairytale You play along and you wear it well You’ll fall apart when the timings right Pacing the floor til’ the morning light [Verse 2] There will be a time out there on the line When you know you’ve had enough Plant a little seed […] Read More

Dean Lewis – Falling Up Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Things were happening I felt the weight of the expectation on my chest My mind was traveling But I swear that I don’t remember where it went They said things were growing So why do I feel like nothing at all is left? So I’ll keep on moving If I’m […] Read More

Playboi Carti – Texas Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus] I got that Glock, west Fuckin’ that bitch named Destiny We in the spot up in Texas Came in that bitch with my weapon I’m sick of these niggas, they flexin’ All of my bitches, they bad She ride that Gucci on her leggings Hit from the back, back Hit from […] Read More

Trail Of Tears – When Silence Cries… Lyrics

When silence cries… is it what I feel? – or is it what you really long to be? Depression grows again, to you I pledge my guilt Deserted fields I strole – there is no relief The bleeding night, surrounds you like a darkened veil – The echoes wake my sleeping thoughts The distant voice… […] Read More

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Backwoods Lyrics

Someone spilled blood many years ago Someone spilled blood but do you know? That from the backwoods where the Chuck Berrys grow Come your long tall daddies of a rock and roll, oh no Take me to your backwoods now Take me to your backwoods now Spinning’ down from the clouds like a tornado Spinnin’ […] Read More

Sophe Lux – Little Soldier Of Time Lyrics

Little soldier of time An infidel in love Pierce the vortex of your mind And see what images arise Tonight, you’re burning up inside Consuming your own light You’ll know the meaning of flight Like a dervish on the brain My thoughts of you are spinning round You broke the bronco of my heart She […] Read More